UK Detour: Day 16, Ullapool

We successfully wrapped up principle photography the previous day, which freed up the next for getting b-roll footage. This was also the day we had to make the 12 hour drive back to London, and after all was said and done, this journey began at 4pm.

It was just me and Mike on the way back, sharing more and more ourselves, as we discovered that exhaustion makes the best interrogation tool. We kept each other awake for the entire drive, though I started hallucinating by the last hour. By the end, I think we knew each other better than some of our own friends.

baby crab

Found this baby crab on the beach, hiding in an oyster shell, and small enough to fit on the tip of my finger.




Looks like the water’s receded a good deal.


The GPS isn’t much use out here. No roads; it’s either land or lake.

heart rocks

Sally’s collection of heart rocks.







big rig

With the big rig. Includes both the Zacuto follow-focus rig and the Marshall monitor.

One day bled into the next as we arrived back in London at 4:30 in the morning. I had a train to catch in a few hours that would be the start of m trip back to Chartres, but not before waking up to a kitty on my pillow and a proper British breakfast.

British breakfast

Mike tells me his crew has these breakfast before big days of shooting. Includes from tom (tomato), but a bowl of popcorn.

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