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going out in style

Cause I want to has been the reason for everything lately.

I started to understand how we’re all dying in the Silvia Plath sense of the word, so I decided I might as well go out in style. Vonnegut got it right with his Pall Malls, though I choose not to add tobacco to the mix.

Magic draft

Steve draws something really good or really bad.

I quite consistently get my ass kicked at the drafts that Seth hosts, his crew always being made up of veteran players. The advantage is that I always walk away having learned a thing or two, and getting enough new cards to build on a concept is a nice little bonus. If someone told me I’d be spending money on a collectable card game at this age, I never would have believed it.

Magic has been keeping me busy in a good way. It’s never just about playing, it’s also about being around friends, and the camaraderie, and getting fat on Steph’s amazing meals. Those are exactly the things I need in my life.

pho and spring rolls

#1, beef rare, every time.

The red bean ice is a treat I don’t get often enough.

It was hard balancing my time around others and the time I needed alone. I have needs that require the company of certain people, and when I’m trying to meet those needs, that often leaves me feeling very overstimulated. The exhaustion had been giving me flare-ups, not to mention headaches that dulled the senses and eloquence.

Now I have some breathing room, and a chance to do all the little things I’d been too occupied to handle, like catching up with people I haven’t seen in a while, getting the car fixed (from $9k worth of hail damage), filing my taxes (from two years ago), changing the strings on my uke to high-G tuning, or just watching a movie. I’m still in night mode though, where I tend to get the most done after 10pm, and I find myself staving off sleep to do just one more thing.

root beer float

Root beer floaaaaaaaaaaaaat.

I want to travel somewhere, cause it feels like it’s time to step out of my comfort zone again. I haven’t made enough of my own experiences and memories for too long. But I’m in too unstable a place right now, and I probably will be for at least another year or so. Ironic that it’s instability I crave. It’s left me wondering what I should be exploring here.

i miss

trying new foods with my Uncle Joe and the fascination I used to have for Six Feet Under and being able to sleep more than four continuous hours and guitar lessons and the sound girls make when you squeeze them just right and the idea of camping but not the actual act and remembering how to play Sunny Road and Trolley and Steph already and snow and people-watching when taking the bus and long-term relationships and

two girls and a baby

these kind of moments before we all partake and

the smell of rain in Paris and makeouts and knowing what to say to people when they ask me how I’m doing and being led by the hand to the bedroom and being called Jeffy Bear and having a reason to wear Classic by Banana Republic and getting really excited and being pursued by someone I’m not trying to avoid and the time in my life before all this medication and having someone I could call my best friend and cuddling and walks and old /b/ and Bruce Springstein before he went rock and no one I shouldn’t and having a Tai Chi teacher and

bums like this

little bums like this and

knowing how to play piano and pouncing on survivors with Dave and Tyler and having a stable source of income and being part of her life and having her in mine and Hawaiian sunsets and finding sales for clothes that fit me and playing songs for Antje and the intimacy of oral and simultaneous orgasms and sex, obviously and having someone to spoil and new episodes of Reno 911 and hosting big parties and the way Leonard would sleep on my neck.

this is my happy face

All i want to write about lately is sunsets and awkward hugs and rediscovering coconut macaroons and underwear and secondish chances and growing old and justice and my new awareness of food industry issues and the smell of outdoors no matter what the season and wanting to see Germany and my new Magic decks and that last date and how hard it is to do Street Fighter IV combos and pictures like this

golden girl

and not having to wear a coat anymore and handshakes after really close games and people being nice to me and feeling more comfortable with barre chords and what Geneviève wears and Breaking Bad and Nick Drake’s life and root beer floats and the sound of a melodica and pretty cats and opening boosters and the luxury of saying no and how weird it feels to drive somewhere in your PJs and introducing others to that aloe drink and the same old memories that I still cherish and mini-Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups and walking baselines and being surrounded by such good people and having a PS3 and the time complexity of sorting algorithms and wondering if it’s too late to call and how excited Ryan gets when I visit and the songs I want to write and my memories of America and scented oils from the Body Shop and chocolate beers and the image of a gauzy dress in the sun.

coming up for air

I didn’t know I needed a weekend like this to feel again. To dance in those little moments between brushing your teeth and getting into bed. To pass on the right and speed away to a chorus that grows louder with every shadow cast by every street lamp.

I can’t say it’s been due to any one thing. There’s just so much that seems to be happening lately. The days pass faster than ever, and I’m left wondering where life will take me next, cause I’m always surprised by every new friend and unexpected experience.

Wild Boar pizza at Tennessy Willems

Wild boar pizza at Tennessy Willems, one of the few wood-burning pizzerias in Ottawa. A combination of boar sausage, caramelized apple, sage, roasted garlic, and sharp cheddar. The sweetness of the apple and the savoury character of the sausage make for an interesting mélange, but the use of cheddar is what really gives this pizza a unique taste.

When I’m drowning in emotion, it feels like I’m perpetually coming out of the water, emptying my stale lungs before taking in as much air as I can again.

This is when every breath is beautiful. A rush of life coming at me.

Vikki & Dan — Wedding Day

Filmed another lovely wedding in the Fall. The ceremony was small and intimate with only a handful of people invited, taking place at the tiny lookout on Rockcliffe Parkway, while the reception was a great big party at the RA Centre. One of the most unique things about this wedding were the paper lanterns given to all the guests. By the end of night the sky was full of them, drifting away beautifully above us.

It was another chance to work with the wonderful Liz, who is always on the top of my list of photographers I recommend for weddings. Not only do her photos end up looking amazing, she always works with me when capturing all the important details, instead of against me, as I’ve noticed with some photograpehrs. Check out the photos in her sneak peak.

candy sushi

Also of note were the wedding favours, each box containing a pair of candy sushi. The maki was made by rolling a flat sheet of Rice Krispie squares over a filling of Gummy Worms, wrapped with Fruit Roll-Up. The nigiri had gummy sharks as the fish, also tied together with a strip of Fruit By The Foot. Small, bite-sized packs of cute and delicious.