Hi, I'm Jeff

I live in Ottawa, Canada.

I’m half-Taoist, half trapped in Western thought.

I’m also part pho­tog­ra­pher, part writer, part film­maker, but all lover.

This is where I keep a col­lec­tion of thoughts, expe­ri­ences, and projects.

Jeff Ngan



E-mail: jeff@equivocality.com
Twitter: equiv­o­cal­ity
Vimeo: equiv­o­cal­ity

Of the name

equiv­o­cal­ity /ɪ’kwɪvəkælɪti/ n.
1. Open to two or more inter­pre­ta­tions and often intended to mis­lead; ambigu­ous.
2. Of uncer­tain sig­nif­i­cance.
3. Of a doubt­ful or uncer­tain nature.

To be dynamic, grow­ing, learn­ing, chang­ing, is to be equiv­o­cal. To be equiv­o­cal is to truly live.


This is ver­sion 14 of equivocality.com. I’m noto­ri­ous for not being sat­is­fied with my lay­outs. I used to have detailed, intri­cate, inter­ac­tive designs, but I found that they weren’t able to match my moods. What would be good one day wouldn’t fit the next. In time, they’ve become very sim­ple, neu­tral, and uni­ver­sal. Some peo­ple seemed to enjoy ver­sion 10 and ver­sion 11 too.

Logo, head­ings, and other nav­i­ga­tional but­tons are vary­ing weights of Avenir (light, book, roman, heavy) and lov­ingly kerned by hand. Sans-serif used for body text is Neue Helvetica.

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