A passenger in London

To get from location to location, Mike took us around on his yellow 500cc Yamaha T-Max, my first time on a motorcycle. It was a sensational feeling to be moving so freely in the open air, even in a London winter (you can see early morning condensation on his windshield in some shots and the windows of some cars). I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t now considering a bike for my next vehicle.

I thought I’d have to keep holding onto the side rails to prevent myself from falling off, but quickly realized it wasn’t necessary, as I felt stable at every turn and on every bump. The physics still baffle me.

One advantage of using the bike is that you don’t have to pay a congestion charge, something used by the administration of London to discourage traffic and fund the transportation system. Otherwise, it’s an £8 fee when entering the downtown-ish area on a weekday between 7am and 6pm (and a £150 fine if you drive through without paying). Also, you can weave between the gaps in cars and make your way to the head of traffic lines.

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  1. I once sat at the back of a motorbike in a Toronto winter, and felt the freezing wind piercing my skin underneath my clothes :(

    • I have to say that the weather must have been around 4–7°C, and that was the limit of the cold I could take. I imagine any lower than that would be pretty painful. The driver must have been a pretty hardcore biker.

  2. You should so get a motorcycle.

    Also, merry christmas :)

    • This would be a very expensive toy. But also very tempting. :)

  3. This is SO FUN, I particularly liked the Harry Potter squished-between-two-busses moment.

    • Does that have something to do with trains and somehow getting to the school? I only saw the first movie and it was a really long time ago.

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