Letter To An Ex-Girlfriend: Bronwen

I love you too much baby
For you to be with me
I love you too much baby
I got­ta set you free

—Shea Seger, I Love You Too Much

You were the clos­est I’ve ever come to per­fect in a girl­friend. In fact, you raised the bar. Now I know there are girls out there who are fun­ny, intel­li­gent, open-mind­ed, car­ing, sane, and I’ll always be look­ing for the same now.

Making love to you was fun because you’re so damn cute. I loved to look into your eyes, though I wish you’d be able to keep yours open.

In so many ways, we worked. My love of dark choco­late and your love of milk choco­late meant that we’d nev­er have a prob­lem fin­ish­ing off an assort­ed box. You’re so easy-going, while I’m so uptight. All the lit­tle things, like puz­zle pieces made of clay.

Even though it’s been months since we’ve bro­ken up, our video is still by far the most played item on my iTunes playlist. It’s such a beat­i­ful mem­o­ry, and I’ll always cher­ish it.

I still miss those notes you used to leave me about what you did dur­ing the day and when you’d be back. Those times we’d take the bus, and you’d rest your head on my shoul­der. Those times we’d wres­tle and fall asleep in a pile, right there, from exhaustion. 

I miss all these things, but the fact is that it didn’t feel right, and it wouldn’t be fair to either of us to keep going. You deserve to be with some­one bet­ter. Someone who will ful­ly appre­ci­ate you and the things you do.

I know I nev­er said it in our rela­tion­ship, but I loved you.

And I still do.

The Letter To An Ex-Girlfriend series

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  2. Ashley
  3. Michele
  4. Christie
  5. Jackie
  6. Louise
  7. Bronwen


  1. Oh dear, now you’ve gone and made me cry.

    A beau­ti­ful let­ter. I hope she reads it someday.

  2. Oh dear, you real­ly nev­er said it???
    How much more you have to expe­ri­ence and enjoy…

    You’ll be ready next time.
    You know what to change now. The right per­son will make enough of a dent that you’ll just have to give in.

  3. To be able to let go of that and let her fly. You must’ve transformed.

  4. @Erin — Thank you.

    @Xibee — It’s not that I’ve nev­er said it before, and it’s not that I wasn’t ready this time. I decid­ed to wait to see if it would last, so that they would mean more. The words are thrown around too much these days.

    @Causalien — I’m not sure about that. I’ve cer­tain­ly trans­formed, but I don’t think I have in this sense. Marrying the right per­son or not mar­ry­ing at all has always been my way.

  5. Letting go of some­thing good was hard for me. The first time I’d done it, I had to trans­form. The old per­son wasn’t able to grasp what let­ting go is.

    Maybe it’s dif­fer­ent for you.

  6. You made a deci­sion to let go. Even if it was a good thing, there was an even bet­ter rea­son you give it up. That’s how I see it. Doesn’t mean it’s easy though.

  7. I love you too! I feel like we were meant to meet and be friends forever.

  8. I like this one.

    Sometimes I feel this about my Lover. He will wake up one day and think I’m not right.

    I am on the oth­er side of the chasm. 

    Will he realise that I am not good enough? Too dra­mat­ic? Too self­ish? Too imma­ture? Too high-main­te­nance? Too uptight?

  9. That’s an inter­est­ing idea. One of won­der, instead of inse­cu­ri­ty. You have a feel­ing of the poten­tial inevitable, yet you go on.

  10. my heart goes out 2 u. i‘m in a com­mit­ted rela­tion­ship where there is more love than any­thing phys­i­cal. we have bin dat­ing 4 4 years and even we have ups and downs like any oth­er cou­ple we have com­mu­ni­cate all the time. i know that there is some­body 4 evry1. i know jeff that there is a spe­cial per­son out there 4 u. i‘m sor­ry i dnt know u at all but ur blog real­ly touched me as i had that feel­ing wen i was sin­gle. the fun­ny thing is that even if we (me and my oth­er half) leave each oth­er we‘d b ask­ing 4 for­give­ness with­in min­utes if not sec­onds coz we can‘t live with­out each oth­er. u were say­ing that there r a lot of peo­ple who only think about them­selves in the world before oth­er peo­ple, those peo­ple don‘t have a heart. life goes on and we have to get on with our lives and help peo­ple wen they need it.

  11. This let­ter is more or less me.I have loved my girl for years and it has always been the best thing that real­ly hap­pened to me.it was just mag­i­cal, then sud­den­ly one after­noon she called me and said it was over.For me life has nev­er been the same.It’s over five years and i still miss her soooo much.I know how you feel and i pray we both find true love.I believe the right one is out there for us but i won­der how long we shall wait cause each day, it eats me up and it always feel like yesterday.

  12. This must be joke. How could you have all those white girl­friends if you’re just an AZN dude?

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