The Many Faces of Bronwen

Bronwen is my original muse. We happened to meet shortly after I got my SLR camera, and ever since, she’s my primary model when doing photographic tests and experiments.

These were taken over the course of about a year. From before we started dating to passed the break-up.

Every angle captures a different side of someone.

Thumbnail: Dark and brooding
Thumbnail: The hoodie attitude.
Thumbnail: Against the wall
Thumbnail: Classy cleavage
Thumbnail: Cute mode
Thumbnail: Emo.
Thumbnail: The trustworthy companion look.
Thumbnail: The innocent look
Thumbnail: Bronwen revolution.
Thumbnail: The porcelain doll look.
Thumbnail: The cozy look.
Thumbnail: Trusting

Looking back on these reminds me of how much I miss it when she had red hair, which she dyed for me (but didn’t like to admit it). Too bad I can’t convince her now to do it again.


  1. Wow. She is so incredibly photogenic & gorgeous. She looks great in every photo, and pulls off so many different looks! The photography itself is great, I like the portrait work on that. I hope to get better at it myself, practice makes perfect. But yeah those pictures are very endearing.

  2. I really like the Patty harts look. The black pearl eyes looking in the distance is my weakness.

  3. @quelyn — That’s the thing about people. Some look better in photos, some look better in real life. Not everyone is photogenic.

    I think a large part of a different look comes from the hair, not as much the accessories like earrings, etc. Makes me envious. You don’t have much to work with when your hair is short.

    @Causalien — Her eyes are actually brown, but the saturation in the photo is high enough that they look very dark. Bronwen thanks you for the compliment though. :)

  4. Second last photo with the reflections in the eyes … yikes. Just amazing bro.

  5. What? You have a red-hair fixation TOO? My best friend M (also Chinese) has that same thing, and I think Bronwen is just his type even w/brown hair. (He’s engaged, not to worry — to a redhead.)

    I envy her lovely ivory skin. I always wished I were an unfreckled person like her. I love portraiture like this — it brings out all the subtleties in a personality.

  6. @Aaron — Thanks man…I’m may post a copy of the original crop because there’s a lot of detail missing.

    @Xibee — My obsession with red hair started with a very special person and lasted quite a number of years, but I got over it when I got over her. There’s still a bit of lingering attraction there, but nowhere near as strong as before. I think it’s more of a uniqueness factor now; supposedly only 1/100 people are redheads, and I’ve always liked things that are unique.

  7. Hey Jeff, awesome shots man. Thanks for sharing them with us. It’s interesting that you mention that 1/100 people are redheads – I think a full HALF of my friends are redheads :)

  8. Love those photos…. gorgeous shots. Especially love the trusting look.

    Linked to you, come visit sometime.

  9. @Nick — Does that include both males and females? ;) I also learned that 20 percent of Playboy Playmates are redheads. Let’s hear it for Pop-Up Video providing us with completely useless knowledge.

    @8 in 48 — Thank you. I’ll be sure to visit.

  10. Okay, this is late. But still, I love the cozy look! Wow! She seems to have porcelain. Beautiful! and Cozy!

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