The Many Faces of Bronwen

Bronwen is my orig­i­nal muse. We hap­pened to meet short­ly after I got my SLR cam­era, and ever since, she’s my pri­ma­ry mod­el when doing pho­to­graph­ic tests and exper­i­ments.

These were tak­en over the course of about a year. From before we start­ed dat­ing to passed the break-up.

Every angle cap­tures a dif­fer­ent side of some­one.

Thumbnail: Dark and brooding
Thumbnail: The hoodie attitude.
Thumbnail: Against the wall
Thumbnail: Classy cleavage
Thumbnail: Cute mode
Thumbnail: Emo.
Thumbnail: The trustworthy companion look.
Thumbnail: The innocent look
Thumbnail: Bronwen revolution.
Thumbnail: The porcelain doll look.
Thumbnail: The cozy look.
Thumbnail: Trusting

Looking back on these reminds me of how much I miss it when she had red hair, which she dyed for me (but did­n’t like to admit it). Too bad I can’t con­vince her now to do it again.


  1. Wow. She is so incred­i­bly pho­to­genic & gor­geous. She looks great in every pho­to, and pulls off so many dif­fer­ent looks! The pho­tog­ra­phy itself is great, I like the por­trait work on that. I hope to get bet­ter at it myself, prac­tice makes per­fect. But yeah those pic­tures are very endear­ing.

  2. I real­ly like the Patty harts look. The black pearl eyes look­ing in the dis­tance is my weak­ness.

  3. @quelyn — That’s the thing about peo­ple. Some look bet­ter in pho­tos, some look bet­ter in real life. Not every­one is pho­to­genic.

    I think a large part of a dif­fer­ent look comes from the hair, not as much the acces­sories like ear­rings, etc. Makes me envi­ous. You don’t have much to work with when your hair is short.

    @Causalien — Her eyes are actu­al­ly brown, but the sat­u­ra­tion in the pho­to is high enough that they look very dark. Bronwen thanks you for the com­pli­ment though. :)

  4. Second last pho­to with the reflec­tions in the eyes … yikes. Just amaz­ing bro.

  5. What? You have a red-hair fix­a­tion TOO? My best friend M (also Chinese) has that same thing, and I think Bronwen is just his type even w/brown hair. (He’s engaged, not to wor­ry — to a red­head.)

    I envy her love­ly ivory skin. I always wished I were an unfreck­led per­son like her. I love por­trai­ture like this — it brings out all the sub­tleties in a per­son­al­i­ty.

  6. @Aaron — Thanks man…I’m may post a copy of the orig­i­nal crop because there’s a lot of detail miss­ing.

    @Xibee — My obses­sion with red hair start­ed with a very spe­cial per­son and last­ed quite a num­ber of years, but I got over it when I got over her. There’s still a bit of lin­ger­ing attrac­tion there, but nowhere near as strong as before. I think it’s more of a unique­ness fac­tor now; sup­pos­ed­ly only 1/100 peo­ple are red­heads, and I’ve always liked things that are unique.

  7. Hey Jeff, awe­some shots man. Thanks for shar­ing them with us. It’s inter­est­ing that you men­tion that 1/100 peo­ple are red­heads — I think a full HALF of my friends are red­heads :)

  8. Love those pho­tos.… gor­geous shots. Especially love the trust­ing look.

    Linked to you, come vis­it some­time.

  9. @Nick — Does that include both males and females? ;) I also learned that 20 per­cent of Playboy Playmates are red­heads. Let’s hear it for Pop-Up Video pro­vid­ing us with com­plete­ly use­less knowl­edge.

    @8 in 48 — Thank you. I’ll be sure to vis­it.

  10. Okay, this is late. But still, I love the cozy look! Wow! She seems to have porce­lain. Beautiful! and Cozy!

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