Monthly Archives: July 2007

A Taoist Dilemma

Over some cab­bage roll and peach juice, I asked a sage, “Taoism teach­es me to accept every­one and cast aside my purist ways. Yet how can I do this if it’s in my nature to refuse to accept peo­ple’s flaws? I must accept myself as I accept oth­ers”.

He told me, “If you are hap­py with your­self and the deci­sions you make, then there is noth­ing to wor­ry about”.

Then he took my bowl, washed it, and we played Warcraft III for eleven straight hours.

Summer Days Alone

Thumbnail: Clothesline

Thumbnail: Purple flower

It’s 28°C out­side. It’s hot, but there isn’t a touch of humid­i­ty in the air. I can’t help but take my time. I’m sup­posed to be think­ing of where I’m going, what I’m doing, but it’s too nice out. Another beau­ti­ful sum­mer day.

And no one to share it with.

Interpol and Cat Power

I gasped when I found out that Interpol was com­ing out with a new album. Then I threw up a lit­tle in my mouth when I heard the first sin­gle.

Why, Interpol, why? What hap­pened to the min­i­mal­ist, sparse gui­tar riffs? Why did you have to sell out with lighter, more acces­si­ble music?

Turn On The Bright Lights remains one of the most mys­te­ri­ous­ly affect­ing albums of my life. Antics was crap. Our Love To Admire is worse. Interpol needs a return to form.

Oh yes, and I’m in love with Cat Power. Not from her new stuff, which I find pret­ty bor­ing (her mate­r­i­al was a lot more inter­est­ing when she was a drunk), but from the way she dances in the Cross Bones Style video.

[youtube: 480 380]

And while it does­n’t exact­ly make me go out and buy Kleenex at Costco, it does make me rub against the cor­ners of walls and door frames in a felo­nious man­ner.

Don’t wor­ry, Mel der Maur, no one will ever replace you.

Pat Doesn't Need Me

Sometimes I feel like I don’t offer any­thing to Pat. I call him for advice all the time, ask him to give me rides (gro­ceries, fur­ni­ture, large items on which he bar­gains), vent to him. He grew up rely­ing on nobody but him­self, so he nev­er asks me for any favours, and I sup­pose he has Jen with whom to express his feel­ings.

Maybe this is the root of my inse­cu­ri­ty. Pat’s friend­ship with me appears dilut­ed. We’d both take a bul­let for our friends, but mine is a far more exclu­sive club than his.

Pat does­n’t need me.

But I need him.

An Emotional Day, Reminding Me

Today I woke up and felt uneasy, remind­ing me that I’m human.

Tonight I read that People who lived through Yenan remem­bered see­ing caves in val­leys crammed with peo­ple, “many of whom had gone mad. Some were laugh­ing wild­ly, some cry­ing” and I felt dis­il­lu­sioned, remind­ing me that human com­pre­hen­sion is lim­it­ed by the human mind.

Tonight she put her hands on anoth­er man, I was sum­mar­i­ly dis­missed from the group, and it made me jeal­ous, remind­ing me that I’m alive.

Tonight I sat on a rick­ety wood­en bench and fin­gered the yin-yang engraved in the mid­dle, remind­ing me that it’s all part of the Way.