Interpol and Cat Power

I gasped when I found out that Interpol was com­ing out with a new album. Then I threw up a lit­tle in my mouth when I heard the first sin­gle.

Why, Interpol, why? What hap­pened to the min­i­mal­ist, sparse gui­tar riffs? Why did you have to sell out with lighter, more acces­si­ble music?

Turn On The Bright Lights remains one of the most mys­te­ri­ous­ly affect­ing albums of my life. Antics was crap. Our Love To Admire is worse. Interpol needs a return to form.

Oh yes, and I’m in love with Cat Power. Not from her new stuff, which I find pret­ty bor­ing (her mate­r­i­al was a lot more inter­est­ing when she was a drunk), but from the way she dances in the Cross Bones Style video.

[youtube: 480 380]

And while it does­n’t exact­ly make me go out and buy Kleenex at Costco, it does make me rub against the cor­ners of walls and door frames in a felo­nious man­ner.

Don’t wor­ry, Mel der Maur, no one will ever replace you.


  1. Agreed on the most recent Cat Power album being a snooz­er. If you haven’t seen it already check out her video for He War. I like that one a lot. If you like this kind of stuff, per­haps check out Scout Niblet or Jolie Holland.

  2. I will have to look into those artists.

  3. I did­n’t know about Cat Power until V for Vendetta came out. Her song in that movie stuck out enough for me to look up who it was, she’s def­i­nite­ly got a unique sound. I dig it.

  4. I did­n’t even notice her song in the movie. I won­der if it was from her new­er stuff, or her old­er stuff.

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