Summer Days Alone

Thumbnail: Clothesline

Thumbnail: Purple flower

It’s 28°C out­side. It’s hot, but there isn’t a touch of humid­i­ty in the air. I can’t help but take my time. I’m sup­posed to be think­ing of where I’m going, what I’m doing, but it’s too nice out. Another beau­ti­ful sum­mer day.

And no one to share it with.


  1. ooh. clema­tis.

  2. I had­n’t clicked the pho­tos before. Love the fresh laun­dry con­trast­ed against rust­ing tin. Something emblem­at­ic in it, could be a poet­ry book cov­er.

    Sharing with myself is a new thing. Not until a cou­ple years ago did I give myself leave to go to a restau­rant with myself. I felt I was being stared at but it was in my head. Sharing with some­one is good too. Alone can be melan­choly by times.

  3. @xibee — You know, I had no idea what the flower was named. I know absolute­ly noth­ing about flow­ers, except that “bulb” is some part of the anato­my.

    @Pearl — I nev­er noticed that con­trast. When I took the pic­ture, I just liked the way the clothes were hang­ing on the clothes­line. You don’t see that too often where I live.

    I think you have to be a cer­tain mood to go to a movie or restau­rant by your­self. I’ve nev­er done the lat­ter, but the for­mer I’ve enjoyed sev­er­al times. Sometimes when you’re alone you want to be with some­one. Sometimes when you’re with some­one, you want to be alone. It helps you appre­ci­ate it when you’re actu­al­ly doing what you want to do.

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