An Emotional Day, Reminding Me

Today I woke up and felt uneasy, remind­ing me that I’m human.

Tonight I read that People who lived through Yenan remem­bered see­ing caves in val­leys crammed with peo­ple, “many of whom had gone mad. Some were laugh­ing wild­ly, some cry­ing” and I felt dis­il­lu­sioned, remind­ing me that human com­pre­hen­sion is lim­it­ed by the human mind.

Tonight she put her hands on anoth­er man, I was sum­mar­i­ly dis­missed from the group, and it made me jeal­ous, remind­ing me that I’m alive.

Tonight I sat on a rick­ety wood­en bench and fin­gered the yin-yang engraved in the mid­dle, remind­ing me that it’s all part of the Way.


  1. man i wish had ur sellf con­troll you see the big pic­ture bro your all about the journy and this was just a hard step up like a big rock in the mid­dle of your path you all­ways just go aroun­dand con­tin­ue along your way witch is bet­ter then my destroy the rock waste the ener­gy i need­ed for my journy and cease to walk anoth­er step god i look up to your mind and inner strenght

  2. It’s amaz­ing that you see going around the big rock in the mid­dle of the path. Flexibility like water (rather than brute force) over­com­ing obsta­cles is exact­ly one of the tenets of Taoism, of which is exact­ly what I kept remind­ing myself. It’s not easy for me as it does­n’t come nat­u­ral­ly (I think we’re born into the North American cul­ture where all we can think of is brute force) but I’m get­ting bet­ter at it.

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