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Home For Bubble Tea

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Went home for the week­end, spent it with Darren. It was a gloomy few days; cloudy, humid, and gen­er­ally uncomfortable.

At one point, Darren asked me if it felt like home, or whether my apart­ment here has taken the role. I couldn’t really answer him at the time. I just knew that they feel dif­fer­ent. We lit up in a park that I used to play in while I was still in ele­men­tary school, and it felt odd to be stoned in a beau­ti­fully empty play­ground in the mid­dle of Saturday, sur­rounded by all these upper-middle class houses with their pools and patios. Places that aren’t com­fort­able, but familiar.

Fighting The Bob Comment Spam

I’ve been get­ting tons of spam com­ments from the “” address, and I’m sure that I’m not the only Movable Type user suf­fer­ing from the same prob­lem. At one point I was get­ting a dozen a day, which is much more annoy­ing than spam e-mail because delet­ing com­ments from MT is a lit­tle more involved than delet­ing an e-mail. Even though I use MT-Blacklist (which has been a great help), the spam URLs, and even the IP addresses keep chang­ing. The only thing that stays the same is parts of the e-mail address, so I wrote a very sim­ple reg­u­lar expres­sion to catch the offen­sive com­ments, because no one else seems to have posted one on the net:


I know that it’s rather basic, but I fig­ure that I’ll adapt it when­ever the spam­mer starts using more com­pli­cated e-mail gen­er­a­tors. So far, the only adjust­ment has been a change from catch­ing four dig­its to catch­ing any num­ber of dig­its. It’s sat­is­fy­ing to check the activ­ity log and see that the black­list has caught over 500 spam com­ments over the week­end, not let­ting a sin­gle one go through.

The Political Olympics

I don’t enjoy watch­ing the Olympics. The cov­er­age we get (exclu­sively from the CBC), is shoddy. There’s no pre-planned time sched­ule for matches or events, so I never know what’s going to be on when I have time to watch. There was also absolutely no cov­er­age of table ten­nis, which has already ended, most of the medals going to China. Why is this? I sus­pect because Canada basi­cally had no chance of plac­ing in the top three, so why would the CBC want to show them? Well, more likely not even in the top five. Even Google gave table ten­nis props with one of their daily ban­ners, and with 28 Olympic sports but only 16 days, 12 of those sports aren’t going to have banners.

There are also so many pol­i­tics involved, with dis­qual­i­fi­ca­tions, dop­ing, judg­ing, etc., that every­thing just seems tainted. There’s also all the frus­trat­ing media cov­er­age in the mix, such as Perdita Felicien’s hur­dle dis­s­a­point­ment splat­tered on the front page of most papers while Ann Muenzer’s golden achieve­ment gets a sports sec­tion blurb. And with sports that don’t need to be in the Olympics (why have syn­chro­nized div­ing AND div­ing AND syn­chro­nized swim­ming?), there’s not much to keep my interest.

Concert: Death From Above '04

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Went to a Death From Above show at Zaphod’s. I actu­ally rec­og­nized Jesse F. Keeler (the F stands for Fucking) out­side when Aaron, Trolley, Jesse, and I were wait­ing for Jen. Both Keeler (the bassist) and Sebastien Grainger (the vocalist/drummer) have sim­i­larly lithe bod­ies and unkempt facial hair so they aren’t hard to spot, but are easy to mix up. The set went just like the last time I saw them: they start off with an intro song as a warm-up, then Grainger takes off his shirt for the real show. They also ended with Do It!, when Grainger kicks down his mic stand and goes crazy on his set.

The word is energy.