Concert: Death From Above '04

Thumbnail: Zaphods
Thumbnail: Lighting at Zaphods
Thumbnail: Jesse Fucking Keeler

Went to a Death From Above show at Zaphod’s. I actu­al­ly rec­og­nized Jesse F. Keeler (the F stands for Fucking) out­side when Aaron, Trolley, Jesse, and I were wait­ing for Jen. Both Keeler (the bassist) and Sebastien Grainger (the vocalist/drummer) have sim­i­lar­ly lithe bod­ies and unkempt facial hair so they aren’t hard to spot, but are easy to mix up. The set went just like the last time I saw them: they start off with an intro song as a warm-up, then Grainger takes off his shirt for the real show. They also end­ed with Do It!, when Grainger kicks down his mic stand and goes crazy on his set.

The word is ener­gy.

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