Concert: Billy Talent, Crowned King, Death From Above

The Billy Talent con­cert was pret­ty decent. There were quite a few peo­ple who seemed out of place there such as 10 year old girls and women beyond the cougar idiom, I’m guess­ing because BT is more of a main­stream band, but I’m not sure. I did­n’t real­ly know any­thing about them besides the fact that they have four mem­bers and that they have a sin­gle out (even though I know the entire album like the back of my hand). I’ve nev­er even seen one of their videos so actu­al­ly see­ing what they looked like, to put a few faces with the music, was pret­ty inter­est­ing. They played about half the songs from the album, and Benjamin was able to work the crowd up pret­ty well.

A band called Crowned King opened first and they had a fun ska derived sound with a lot of well com­posed har­monies, but the lyrics that I heard were a turn-off.

The best part of the show, how­ev­er, was the sec­ond open­ing act by a band called Death From Above, who used to be on the Sound-Virus label and are now on the Ache Records label (which also hap­pens to be the label for Hot Hot Heat). It’s a band with just a drum­mer (the vocal­ist) and a bassist, but the sound is extreme­ly full and well round­ed. It’s extreme­ly blood pump­ing, adren­a­line rush­ing, great sound­ing music and I would have bought an album at the con­cert if it was avail­able. They’re com­plete­ly a no-bull­shit band who tried to start shit with secu­ri­ty for kick­ing some peo­ple out dur­ing their set. They start­ed talk­ing about how much of a big­ot Glen Danzig is, and then mak­ing fun of the crowd for hav­ing no fuck­ing clue about who Glen Danzig is after cheer­ing from a men­tion of the Misfits. Just goes to show how many peo­ple at con­certs are com­plete poseurs. I’ll def­i­nite­ly be look­ing into Death From Above because I believe that they’re Canadian as well.

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