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Facebook Hater

Someone sent me this:

Hey there you facebook-hater,

I’m forced to con­tact you though the bor­ing medium of gmail, since you are too cool to be on face­book. I guess all the hilar­i­ous com­ments, and inter­est­ing videos and pic­tures that I post are not rel­e­vant to you. That’s fine, I guess if I was a truly inter­est­ing per­son I would know how to make my own per­son­al­ized blog. My per­sonal life’s tapes­try is worth­less in your eyes, because it has been woven with the low class, and eas­ily obtain­able fibers offered by face­book. If every­one can do it, then is must be crass.

But I didn’t email you to lec­ture you on your elit­ist, seclu­sion­ary stance towards all the peo­ple who would like to be your friend and share the inter­est­ing tid-bits of their ever-changing lives with you through an easy, fun, and con­ve­nient social net­work­ing device, which can only invade your pri­vacy as much as you let it…

It’s funny cause I barely said any­thing to him about Facebook. As usual, I just explained that I don’t hate it, but don’t think it’s nec­es­sary for me when I have a per­sonal domain that gives me com­plete con­trol of my con­tent (and pri­vacy). This is my polite answer. But he saw through all that and quite ele­gantly summed up how I feel about com­mu­ni­cat­ing through Facebook in the first para­graph of his e-mail.