Home For Bubble Tea

Thumbnail: Bubble tea shop

Went home for the week­end, spent it with Darren. It was a gloomy few days; cloudy, humid, and gen­er­al­ly uncom­fort­able.

At one point, Darren asked me if it felt like home, or whether my apart­ment here has tak­en the role. I could­n’t real­ly answer him at the time. I just knew that they feel dif­fer­ent. We lit up in a park that I used to play in while I was still in ele­men­tary school, and it felt odd to be stoned in a beau­ti­ful­ly emp­ty play­ground in the mid­dle of Saturday, sur­round­ed by all these upper-mid­dle class hous­es with their pools and patios. Places that aren’t com­fort­able, but famil­iar.

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