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Troon, from Knomo

My Canon 5D Mark II has been a faithful companion for five years. It’s followed me on even the most mundane trips, as I wanted to be sure no experience was lost in the years where I found myself growing beyond the furthest plans I’d made. However, it’s remained tucked away in the closet for the last while, as part of an effort to more mindful of each moment; moments that may be lost when I’m finding the right angle or waiting for the right scene.

As a result, the trusty LowePro Fastpack I used to take everywhere — with space enough for a camera body, three lenses, and an assortment of odds and ends — no longer fit my lifestyle and needs. Fortunately, I was given a chance to try out Knomo’s Troon messenger bag, and discovered it’s the perfect fit for my new journeys.

Knomo Troon messenger bag

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Larissa — Takamine F370SS

I suppose I should make a formal introduction.

My dad knew I was looking for a guitar so I could start teaching myself, and his co-worker’s daughter happened to be selling hers. I decided not to buy it cause I had no idea what it was, not to mention the fact that I’m notoriously picky about these kinds of things. He bought me the guitar anyway (using my birthday as an excuse), and I drove to Toronto to pick it up the first chance I had when I got back from Europe.

I asked Steve to do a demo of the guitar because his skills can really show it off.

Takamine F370SS: guitar front

Takamine F370SS solid wood acoustic dreadnought.

It turns out the guitar is absolutely gorgeous, with solid spruce on top and solid koa on the back and sides. And being handmade in Japan in 1999 — the only year this model was in production — makes it an instrument that will never be replaced. An heirloom I’ll pass down to my children if I ever have any.

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Dinner With The Timmites

Thumbnail: Philly melt
Thumbnail: Quesadilla
Thumbnail: Ham tortellini
Thumbnail: Veggie burger
Thumbnail: Zoom H2

Tim was in town for a presentation this weekend, so a few of us went to dinner at a restaurant close to where he used to live. It turns out this place used to be called Drumlin’s Pub, which I knew from second year of university, ohhh…seven years ago? I distinctly remember being in there once, doing shots at the bar1 while sitting next to an older guy who was over $30k in debt to OSAP, telling me to go after the bigger girls cause they do way more “stuff”. On our drinking tours of the city back then, we would always try to find a place that served good, cheap wings, and Strongbow. If I remember correctly, Drumlin’s had hearty honey garlic, but no cider.

Now that it’s under new management, it has a really generic name — like Sandy Hill Bar And Grill — though it makes up for this fact with much better pub fare. Such social opportunities are great for testing out the 360° surround capabilities of the Zoom H2 sound recorder I recently purchased as an investment towards better sound production in my videos.

In his defence, Tim was surprised to discover that Jess has a new boyfriend, and was being (jokingly) self-deprecating about his sex life. Next at the table was Reagan2, who was asked about hers. Jess picked up the mic and pointed it at me, perhaps to shift the attention away from Reagan and shield her from embarrassment. Of course, it all plays out much nicer when you have a recording of it.

  1. Back then I drank with Iain, so it would have been tequila. []
  2. Note to self: pronounced “Ray-gun” [] Web Clip

equivocality iPhone app

Are you a reader with an iPhone or an iPod touch? is now optimized for mobile web browsing. I also created a special icon (it’s kind of hard to make out the grid background in the picture, but it’s there) that will replace the screenshot that Safari takes when saving a site as a web clip. Updates are only one click away!