equivocality.com Web Clip

equivocality iPhone app

Are you a read­er with an iPhone or an iPod touch? equivocality.com is now opti­mized for mobile web brows­ing. I also cre­at­ed a spe­cial icon (it’s kind of hard to make out the grid back­ground in the pic­ture, but it’s there) that will replace the screen­shot that Safari takes when sav­ing a site as a web clip. Updates are only one click away!


  1. I like the icon a lot. I may do the same for my site once I redesign it and make it iPhone friend­ly. I wish for RSS enabled web­sites, these web­clips can show the new post noti­fi­ca­tions on the icon like oth­er apps. (you know, the lil red num­ber).

    • The RSS post noti­fi­ca­tion is a genius idea!

  2. Perfect, will see if I can find you and put you on…

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