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House Show II

I’m still catching my breath from the awesomeness that was the second House Show. So much planning, preparation, and practice went into one night that I felt like I’d given birth when it was over; I didn’t know how to feel, or what to think.

Darren came up the day before to hang out, and along with Shane, Blais (his son), and Chris, stayed until Sunday. After the show we stayed up talking, picking Shane’s brain about his composition process and influences. Everything went better than I could have planned, and I’m thankful that so many of my friends were there to share the experience with me.


Meet the cupcakes (from left to right):

Black and White (Belgian dark chocolate cake with vanilla frosting and chocolate sprinkles), strawberry (pure strawberry cake with sweet cream cheese frosting and red sugar flower on top), hazelnut chocolate (hazelnut-chocolate cake with Belgian dark chocolate frosting decorated with a toasted hazelnut on top), vanilla (vanilla cake and frosting, flavoured with Madagascar bourbon vanilla with sprinkles), and key lime pie (lime-infused cake and cream cheese frosting with lime zest).

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House Show II: Invitation

Owing to the success of last year’s house show, I’ve invited both Shane Watt and Jesse Dangerously to come and perform again next month. Not only will there be awesome music and an assortment of mini-cupcakes hosted in my living room, it’ll also be Jesse’s birthday party.

This will be a collaboration across Eastern Canada, as Shane will be coming from Montreal (with a potential secret guest), and Rosie will be traveling from Halifax on mandolin to join Audra, Nic (also coming from Montreal, as Rockefort F. Loopfrog, the beatmaker), and I as part of the Dangerson Famile. However, I don’t think Dolly will be making an appearance because the sheer number of people in the house last time really freaked her out.

second house show flier

I had a lot of fun making this flyer, featuring Mr. Cupcake. The great thing about Avenir is that it supports so many variations of the typeface, which lets you make movie and concert posters in the classic style of a full-justified column of information.


I got the chance to work with Team Emily to document their latest artist vision, titled Transplant. The brilliant concept:

This summer, Emily Comeau (a fibre artist from Quebec) and Emily Cook (a book and paper artist from Ontario) will be collaborating to create an immense and interactive tunnel book made from local plant materials to install in a barren patch of city.

Transplant is an outdoor living book installation. Constructed from found natural materials both living and dead, this installation is subject to the whims of nature and the designs of man. Each page of this book resembles an arch inviting the audience to enter the immense tunnel book. Within the pages are paper pockets where seeds will begin to sprout as the structure is gradually beaten down by the weather. Additional arches/pages will be added throughout the exhibition as the evolution of decay and growth take over. This evolution speaks to the ebb and flow of construction and decay as the manmade world interacts with the natural one. The story of this project is one of transformation and reclamation of the urban landscape by nature. It is the story of a cycle of decay and rebirth and of a balance that can be achieved when nature’s collaboration is desired rather than fought

The sunlight coming through the seeded paper is such a wonderfully striking image. This is just the first archway, constructed on the lawn at the Ottawa Arts Court, which is a very high-profile place (you can see the Rideau Centre right across the street). More details and ornaments are planned as the project continues over the next year.

My desire to record things comes from the fact that most things in this world are so ephemeral. This being a structure that can dissolve in the rain, as well as being an area frequented by drunks1 and homeless people, meant I was pretty adamant about documenting the whole process.

  1. As we were leaving the area at the end of the day, some guy just up and peed into the bushes next to us. []

Art for Haiti

Thumbnail: Art relief

There’s a fundraiser for Haitian earthquake survivors at the Cube Gallery happening in two weeks. An auction will be held after the viewing, and any money raised from the auction will go to the Red Cross. I’ve donated one of my favourite photos, the very first print of “Carrot Feet” (to which I hold much sentimental attachment), to the cause. I’m also going to personally extend this to all other prints from my Fruit and Body series, so if you purchase a print between now and the auction, I’ll put 100% of the sale price towards the fundraiser.

If you have artwork you’d like to donate, please contact me and I’ll get you in touch with the appropriate people. When people can walk away with amazing artwork while helping those in need, it’s a win-win situation. I’ll be attending to meet the other artists and hopefully pick something up for myself if any artwork speaks to me.

From the Cube Gallery website:

Haitian Disaster Art Fundraiser

In light of the disaster that has befallen the people of Haiti, Cube Gallery and AfrikArt Konnection, in collaboration with Paul Dewar, MP are calling Canadian artists to rally together to assist in the efforts underway to make the lives of Haitian survivors better.

Event Date: February 9, 2010
Event Time: 6 pm viewing; 8 pm auction
Location: Cube Gallery, 7 Hamilton Ave. N.

Artwork viewing: begins at 6pm
Fundraising Auction: 8pm

There will be a reception, music, light foods and entertainment at Cube Gallery on Hamilton Ave. The event is hosted by Oni the Haitian Sensation.