House Show II

I’m still catch­ing my breath from the awe­some­ness that was the sec­ond House Show. So much plan­ning, prepa­ra­tion, and prac­tice went into one night that I felt like I’d giv­en birth when it was over; I did­n’t know how to feel, or what to think.

Darren came up the day before to hang out, and along with Shane, Blais (his son), and Chris, stayed until Sunday. After the show we stayed up talk­ing, pick­ing Shane’s brain about his com­po­si­tion process and influ­ences. Everything went bet­ter than I could have planned, and I’m thank­ful that so many of my friends were there to share the expe­ri­ence with me.


Meet the cupcakes (from left to right):

Black and White (Belgian dark choco­late cake with vanil­la frost­ing and choco­late sprin­kles), straw­ber­ry (pure straw­ber­ry cake with sweet cream cheese frost­ing and red sug­ar flower on top), hazel­nut choco­late (hazel­nut-choco­late cake with Belgian dark choco­late frost­ing dec­o­rat­ed with a toast­ed hazel­nut on top), vanil­la (vanil­la cake and frost­ing, flavoured with Madagascar bour­bon vanil­la with sprin­kles), and key lime pie (lime-infused cake and cream cheese frost­ing with lime zest).

Shane Watt

I once sent Shane a rough cov­er I made of It’s A Drag, and he asked me if I want­ed to play it with him at the show. The fact that he lives in Montreal means we nev­er had a chance to prac­tice, so I’m glad it went as well as it did. Being able to play with him was lit­er­al­ly a dream come true.

Jesse Dangerously + Dangerson Famile

One of Jesse’s rar­er songs is Heart of a Girl, which does­n’t appear on any of his albums. It’s a great track that does­n’t get enough atten­tion, so I’m glad he decid­ed to do an arrange­ment of it. Having the Famile makes a big dif­fer­ence in his sound, cause it adds so many extra lay­ers that you don’t get with a beat­box­ing alone.

Holocaust Cloak is a great show case of Nic’s skills as a beat­mak­er. His new gear includes an octave-effect box that drops any­thing he sings into the mic by an octave, which lets him do base­lines with his voice. WANT.

I love the way he dances. Em tells me he’s ner­vous and shy, and that his con­fi­dence is an act, but I don’t believe her. Nic is the man.

Jesse Dangerously cartoon

The Digital Henchmen (who are doing the Jesse Dangerously car­toon) had these pre-made post­cards with Jesse in var­i­ous pos­es (get­ting punched in the gut, pig­gy-back­ing, and with his arm wrapped around some­one). They set up at the merch table and would draw you into one of the pic­ture. I could­n’t resist get­ting one of me and Shane giv­ing him an upper­cut and a punch in the gut.


  1. Thanks so much for post­ing this, Jeff! And for the kind words! You fuck­ing killed it at that show, with Shane and with us!

    • Thanks, Nic, I hope we get to play again soon!

  2. Hate that I can’t lis­ten to the vids since I’m at work (some­one sit­ting right in front of me would be weird­ed out by the strange ear­phone screech­ings com­ing from my direc­tion)… will watch lat­er.

    LOVE the punch car­toon of you, too fun­ny.

    Black & White for­ev­er. Oh yeah.

    • To be hon­est, I thought I’d be par­tial to Black & White too, but after try­ing all of them, I would­n’t be able to choose a sin­gle flavour as a favourite if I had to choose.

  3. Where are the cup­cakes from???

    I’m sad I missed it :(

    • I got them from The Cupcake Lounge, run by Claudia McGuinness. She’s super nice!

  4. I had to creep Jeff…THOSE CUPCAKES AREEEE AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You did so well play­ing and harmonies.…tear* tear* :)

    Excellent work sounds like fun, I will for sure need to attend your next one!


    • Thanks for check­ing up on me, Chantal. I guess the home­work is pay­ing off. :)

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