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Working Hard and Playing Hard


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It’s been busy. Side work is going well, and I try to do as much as I can on week­nights so I can have my week­ends free.

It’s made for a rather hec­tic sched­ule, which is a wel­come dis­trac­tion at the moment. I feel great for being pro­duc­tive, and great for being able to relax. Time is fly­ing. I can’t believe it’s past the mid­dle of September already.

I use to bring my cam­eras with me every­where, but now I find I’m tak­ing few­er pic­tures. I want to be less of an observer/documentalist and more of a par­tic­i­pa­tor late­ly. I don’t want to miss out on liv­ing from wor­ry­ing if I’m cap­tur­ing every­thing as best as pos­si­ble.

Things iPhone app

One of the things that’s helped me main­tain my pro­duc­tiv­i­ty is Things for my iPhone, which gives lit­tle alert badges on the things that are due. It’s a great moti­va­tor when you want to clear the alerts from your home screen.

It's shameless, the way we flirt

Bronwen final­ly get­ting a cell phone (with an unlim­it­ed text mes­sag­ing plan) has been the source of much amuse­ment.

  • Bronwen: Aww, I think I’ve been real­ly depressed late­ly, I’ve been find­ing it hard to find a rea­son to get up late­ly, try­ing to pull myseld out of it
  • Me: Awww. Too bad you’re ditch­ing me this week­end or we could hang out.
  • Bronwen: Oh please, my mom, dad and grand­ma (pos­si­bly aunt) would be very annoyed with me if I had ditched all of them, I had plans to go home first!!!
  • Me: It was a joke you bitch
  • Bronwen: Jeeeeeze, not a morn­ing person…mine was a joke as well crazy
  • Me: You’re not a per­son per­son.
  • Me: You will turn into a crazy cat lady who tries to trap me into hav­ing a baby so I’ll have to send you alimo­ny cheques.
  • Me: Are you cry­ing in the mid­dle of class now?

The most private thing I'm willing to admit here: A Social Experiment

A social exper­i­ment to get peo­ple to open up about them­selves, because it’s our lit­tle idio­syn­crasies that make us unique. Maybe peo­ple will learn that they’re not alone in their inti­mate ways as well. In the process, it’s also a way for me to open up more, as I seem to be too care­ful about watch­ing what I say here in recent years, and not writ­ing with the same hon­esty that used to char­ac­ter­ize my entries.

For every per­son who adds a com­ment with the most pri­vate thing they’re will­ing to admit here, between now and Sunday night, I will (try) to add a pri­vate detail about myself. Include a name instead of remain­ing anony­mous1, be as hon­est and open as pos­si­ble, and only one “thing” per per­son please. I don’t have that many secrets. Or do I?

I’ll start every­one off with a bonus one:

I hate mak­ing my bed. I get it messy (I do a lot of toss­ing and turn­ing) in anoth­er 16 hours, so I don’t see the point of mak­ing it. I clean my house in gen­er­al when peo­ple are com­ing over because I want them to be com­fort­able, but the bed is a dif­fer­ent sto­ry. The only rea­son why I make it is because I feel self-con­scious about it, not because I care if it makes my guests feel more com­fort­able. This makes me feel like a pho­ny.

  1. Without some sort of iden­ti­ty to bind a detail to, there’s no point to the exper­i­ment. []