Monthly Archives: June 2003

Weekend LAN Party

I got a chance to attend a LAN par­ty last week­end, host­ed by Greg. The gamers con­sist­ed of Doug, Greg, Dina, Aaron, Dan, and me. It was an easy set­up, due to the small num­ber of peo­ple there, and the fact that Dina has a Vaio lap­top. We spent most of the time play­ing UT2K3, with a bit of Warcraft 3, Serious Sam 2, and Battlefield 1942 thrown in. We got around four hours of sleep, and every­one left around noon the next day. There may be plans for anoth­er one com­ing soon, most like­ly at my place since I have the apart­ment to myself for the next two months. I’m also the only per­son with air con­di­tion­ing, who isn’t liv­ing at home. It’ll most like­ly be a co-op ses­sion, where we’ll try to fin­ish a game like Diablo 2 in one sit­ting. Summer should always be this fun.

Don't Look

The idea that social pea­cock­ing occurs sea­son­al­ly has recent­ly been brought up. My friend and I both agreed that win­ter is the time for males to wear their nicer, thick­er clothes in order to empha­size their shoul­ders or face or even class. Summer, on the oth­er hand, is the time females show skin and curves. Thus, appeal becomes a sea­son­al­ly based idea. Both sex­es, fol­low­ing evo­lu­tion­ary instincts, are attract­ed to fig­ures and faces.

Another thing to con­sid­er is the fact that girls are com­mon­ly born with the appeal­ing curvy shape, where­as guys are born with­out strong mus­cu­lar def­i­n­i­tion. This caus­es the empha­sis of the male appeal to lie strong­ly on the face, and reveal­ing clothes become less impor­tant.

On cruis­ing the sum­mer streets, my friend told me that he hoped girls have as hard a time keep­ing their eyes straight dur­ing the win­ter as guys do in the sum­mer, assum­ing that the above is true. I real­ized that what I find appeal­ing is more com­mon in the win­ter, which is quite the oppo­site of the believed norm. I’m more of a face per­son than any­thing, and a nice turtle­neck, suit, or drag­ging skirt makes me notice some­one of the oppo­site sex more than tank tops or tight jeans.

I’m rarely one who is caught check­ing some­one out since I don’t real­ly care enough to become fix­at­ed on boo­bies. Darren tells me that he com­mon­ly notices oth­er guys star­ing at the racy lit­tle blond walk­ing by, but just as before, it’s not some­thing that I notice. We both agreed that the worst case is catch­ing old men tilt­ing their heads for an ass-check. How ter­ri­ble would it be to find out that one’s grand­fa­ther is an ass man?

It makes me won­der whether girls also leer at guys in the same dis­gust­ing fash­ion or maybe they are much more sub­tle. Perhaps some girls do have a hard time in the win­ter.

I’m sure that guys would like to know.

The Shedding Ritual

Over the sum­mer, I’ve fall­en into the habit of wak­ing up (at a rather lux­u­ri­ous time). The first thing I do, whether I’m employed or job­less, whether I’m at school or on break, is go to my com­put­er, turn some music on, and check my e‑mail. As a result of my late ris­ings I’ve got­ten into the habit of brush Dolly in the morn­ings. Ever since the weath­er began to warm up she’s been shed­ding fur at a faster rate than she grows it. She wakes up with me in the morn­ings and jumps in front of my mon­i­tor. I’ll get a quick nuz­zle and sor­ry stare if I’m try­ing to read an impor­tant e‑mail. She’s unable to sit still as I brush her, and ends up pac­ing on my desk between stretch­es. I’m afraid that I’ll have to dis­con­tin­ue our morn­ing rit­u­al when I find a job, since I usu­al­ly wake up with just enough time to get to school or work, and the shed­ding sea­son brush­ing process usu­al­ly ends up tak­ing upwards of ten min­utes. Perhaps extend­ed unem­ploy­ment isn’t so bad after all.