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Aaron and Ryan: Portrait Test

Thumbnail: Aaron and Ryan portrait

Thumbnail: Aaron and Ryan portrait

Aaron came over with Ryan for breakfast one morning, and it gave me a chance to use them as models to try some of the techniques I learned from Sid when I was in New Hampshire. I still had to do some work in Photoshop to keep the midpoint where I wanted, but it was still quite minimal compared to my work with colour lately. This type of portraiture is very different from what I normally do, where instead of using an out-of-focus background to make the subject stand out, I’m using the contrast of light.

I turned on Chicken Run to keep Ryan occupied while we ate, and Aaron kept getting distracted by it as much as he did. For a moment, I couldn’t tell if it was the son who took after the father, or vice versa.


Chest bone

Thumbnail: Three quarter body
Thumbnail: Bust
Thumbnail: Legs
Thumbnail: Hand
Thumbnail: Torso

Lying down

Some portraits of Tatiana. As a person into voyeurism (more specifically, on the end being observed), she’s more comfortable with her clothes off than on. I love working with people who are comfortable with their bodies. You get total creative freedom, instead of the frustration of having to walk on eggshells, lest you offend a model’s sensibilities.

I’ve discovered that when doing nude photography, you need to open up the aperture so that a greater portion of the person is in focus than in conventional portraits. If you focus on only the eyes, you lose the nudity and it becomes a distraction. If you focus on nakedness, you lose the eyes and it becomes vulgar.


Close up

Thumbnail: Laughing
Thumbnail: Scratching Dolly
Thumbnail: Looking back
Thumbnail: Side
Thumbnail: Straight on

Photographing people with darker skin is a little different than capturing those with fairer skin. You don’t worry so much about the colour tones during shoot as after, when you’re post-processing the photos.

I also find that, in general, girls are natural posers. They’ll change positions on their own initiative and play with the camera, which is very different from guys, who will just stand there until you give them some sort of direction. Each has their own advantages, as I can feed off the creativity of a model who wants to try different things, but also work well with those who will be posing dolls for me.