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France, Day 10: Paris

coucou les amis,

comme je l’ai déjà sig­nalé, nous organ­isons donc un petit apéro (et il y aura des trucs à grig­noter par la suite) ven­dredi prochain à par­tir de 19h et ça sera avec grand plaisir de vous accueil­lir tous.

les enfants sont les bien­venus bien sûr.

ça sera non seule­ment l’occasion de vous présen­ter Jeff, le vidéaste cana­dien avec lequel je tra­vaille et de lui dire au revoir car il par­tira samedi pour l’écosse mais égale­ment un bon pré­texte pour se retrou­ver entre amis afin de clô­turer la semaine comme il le faut! ;-)

alors au plaisir de vous voir tous ven­dredi prochain,
karin et olivier”


This shop had some of the most unique mac­a­roon flavours I’ve ever tasted, Earl Grey and bub­ble gum being two of my favourites. Very fresh and rich and mouth-wateringly good.

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France, Day 9: Paris

My time here is com­ing to an end, and I start to won­der more and more what the prac­ti­cal­i­ties are of me mov­ing here. Karin asked if I miss any­thing about home (before already giv­ing me one answer, my cat). I thought about it, and decided that I do miss days in my paja­mas where I sat around doing noth­ing, and the smell of my guitar.

creme caramel


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France, Day 8: Paris

I finally got to expe­ri­ence a Paris night1, walk­ing back to the hotel at 2:30 in the morn­ing. I thought Paris never slept the way New York never does, but the streets were mostly empty, save for a few cou­ples still drink­ing at the only bistros still open. It’s a won­der­ful inter­lude of calm amidst the din dur­ing the day.

The weather has turned lovely, closer to 20°C and much less oppres­sive than the last week. The only prob­lem is that depend­ing on the way clouds move, it can alter­nate between warm and brisk quite quickly, so an extra hoodie or sweater becomes a neces­sity. Today, the low tem­per­a­ture in Ottawa is higher than the peak in Paris, and I’m glad to be here instead of there.

on the move

On the go. Paris is a fast city, and Parisian’s dif­fi­cult to capture.

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  1. Last time I stayed in Chartres and only made day trips to Paris. []

France, Day 7: Paris

We filmed one of the most amaz­ing sub­jects today. Our top­ics have been exactly the things I’d want to expe­ri­ence if I was in a new city. I’ve only been here a week, but it feels more like a month cause I’ve seen and done so much.

Paris is such a cos­mopoli­tan city. Every region of France has their own spe­cialty — whether it’s a cheese, wine, fruit, or pas­try — but Paris has them all. The more I get to know it, the more it reminds me of Hong Kong: dirty1, busy, small, crowded, old, loud, and absolutely charming.

apple chausson

Apple chaus­son, a spe­cialty of the bak­ery, made with half a fresh apple baked inside instead of apple­sauce which is what most bak­eries do.

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  1. There’s dog shit on almost every side­walk, and men both young and old have no prob­lem pulling their pants down and pee­ing on the side of the street. []