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France, Day 10: Paris

“coucou les amis,

comme je l’ai déjà signalé, nous organisons donc un petit apéro (et il y aura des trucs à grignoter par la suite) vendredi prochain à partir de 19h et ça sera avec grand plaisir de vous accueillir tous.

les enfants sont les bienvenus bien sûr.

ça sera non seulement l’occasion de vous présenter Jeff, le vidéaste canadien avec lequel je travaille et de lui dire au revoir car il partira samedi pour l’écosse mais également un bon prétexte pour se retrouver entre amis afin de clôturer la semaine comme il le faut! ;-)

alors au plaisir de vous voir tous vendredi prochain,
karin et olivier”


This shop had some of the most unique macaroon flavours I’ve ever tasted, Earl Grey and bubble gum being two of my favourites. Very fresh and rich and mouth-wateringly good.

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France, Day 8: Paris

I finally got to experience a Paris night1, walking back to the hotel at 2:30 in the morning. I thought Paris never slept the way New York never does, but the streets were mostly empty, save for a few couples still drinking at the only bistros still open. It’s a wonderful interlude of calm amidst the din during the day.

The weather has turned lovely, closer to 20°C and much less oppressive than the last week. The only problem is that depending on the way clouds move, it can alternate between warm and brisk quite quickly, so an extra hoodie or sweater becomes a necessity. Today, the low temperature in Ottawa is higher than the peak in Paris, and I’m glad to be here instead of there.

on the move

On the go. Paris is a fast city, and Parisian’s difficult to capture.

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  1. Last time I stayed in Chartres and only made day trips to Paris. []

France, Day 7: Paris

We filmed one of the most amazing subjects today. Our topics have been exactly the things I’d want to experience if I was in a new city. I’ve only been here a week, but it feels more like a month cause I’ve seen and done so much.

Paris is such a cosmopolitan city. Every region of France has their own specialty — whether it’s a cheese, wine, fruit, or pastry — but Paris has them all. The more I get to know it, the more it reminds me of Hong Kong: dirty1, busy, small, crowded, old, loud, and absolutely charming.

apple chausson

Apple chausson, a specialty of the bakery, made with half a fresh apple baked inside instead of applesauce which is what most bakeries do.

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  1. There’s dog shit on almost every sidewalk, and men both young and old have no problem pulling their pants down and peeing on the side of the street. []