France, Day 10: Paris

coucou les amis,

comme je l’ai déjà sig­nalé, nous organ­isons donc un petit apéro (et il y aura des trucs à grig­not­er par la suite) ven­dre­di prochain à par­tir de 19h et ça sera avec grand plaisir de vous accueil­lir tous.

les enfants sont les bien­venus bien sûr.

ça sera non seule­ment l’oc­ca­sion de vous présen­ter Jeff, le vidéaste cana­di­en avec lequel je tra­vaille et de lui dire au revoir car il par­ti­ra same­di pour l’é­cosse mais égale­ment un bon pré­texte pour se retrou­ver entre amis afin de clô­tur­er la semaine comme il le faut! ;-)

alors au plaisir de vous voir tous ven­dre­di prochain,
karin et olivi­er”


This shop had some of the most unique mac­a­roon flavours I’ve ever tast­ed, Earl Grey and bub­ble gum being two of my favourites. Very fresh and rich and mouth-water­ing­ly good.

On our last day of film­ing, and Karin and Olivier host­ed a small par­ty where we screened a very rough edit of one of our films. I had the plea­sure of meet­ing their love­ly friends, and we had din­ner and drinks, but most­ly drinks.

Neils and Noe

Noé, oè est ton pan­talon?

Karin took me shop­ping at APC, a high-end prêt-à-porter store with more form-fit­ting clothes; per­fect for my diminu­tive frame. It’s always good to have a set of female eyes when try­ing on clothes, and she helped me pick out a per­fect striped shirt.

view from apartment

The view from the apart­ment. I came to know that cor­ner so well, as I only need­ed to walk 30-sec­onds down the street to get to my hotel. There were per­pet­u­al­ly peo­ple out­side eat­ing and enjoy­ing the nice weath­er at the bistro.

One day, I acci­den­tal­ly start­ed drink­ing from the bot­tle of juice that Karin was serv­ing me, and she said it was good that I was already feel­ing so at home.


Niels already speaks bet­ter French than me.


And Noé always has his ted­dy bear to his nose, smelling it for com­fort.

screening party


serving cupcakes

Serving an assort­ment of cup­cakes.

strawberry tomato soup

Strawberry toma­to soup. There were all sorts of soups in these small shot glass­es.

playing with flag


Before drop­ping me off at the air­port, Olivier took us on a scenic dri­ve through Paris. You nev­er real­ly get a sense of the small scale of Paris prop­er, or of the topog­ra­phy, from tak­ing the under­ground Metro.

Serge Gainsbourg print

Serge Gainsbourg look­ing dev­il­ish­ly debonair in his famous Repetto Zizi Homme bal­let shoes, a present from Jane Birkin (moth­er of Charlotte Gainsbourg). It’s said that he hat­ed shoes, and the Zizi Homme’s are soft and sup­ple and thin and the clos­est he could get to walk­ing around Paris bare­foot.

We kept walk­ing by one store with this print hang­ing in the win­dow, and I remarked how much I liked the print, and before she sur­prised me with a framed copy as a present before I left (I’m sure I squealed). I already know exact­ly where I’m going to put it.

It’s inevitable that you’ll get to know some­one when you work so close­ly on a project togeth­er, and Karin is no excep­tion. Even though we’ve only met last week, it feels like we’ve known each oth­er for­ev­er. Perhaps we con­nect because of our cre­ativ­i­ty, or love of music, or atten­tion to detail. I’m glad that I can say I have anoth­er friend in France.


  1. I espe­cial­ly would love to try the Earl Grey mac­a­roon!

  2. Les yeux de cette enfant!! Formidable!

    J’avais besoin du crepes! et les mac­arons de choco­lat 70% et caramel fleur de sel!

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