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booster draft

Today, I got to introduce some very good friends to each other. Everyone got along famously, although it couldn’t have gone any other way with these guys.

It was the first booster draft for three of us. I was massacred in every game, and didn’t have any less fun losing to such great sports.

Magic: The Gathering booster draft

Two Innistrad and two Dark Ascension. Oh what glittering golden symbols lie beneath these wrappers.

Unfortunately, nothing interested me when we were picking out rares1, so I got nothing for the deck I’m currently building, and no direction for a second deck. But as Aaron said, even if you lose, it’s cheaper than a night of poker. Sometimes you lose it on the river, sometimes you draw 13 consecutive lands, and sometimes you OH GOD WHY ARE MY CREATURES DEAD ARGHGHHGHGH LETS PLAY AGAIN.

  1. And there wasn’t a single green rare — exactly what I was looking for — out of 17 rares. I have no idea what the chances are on that, but I know they’re not big. []

Maple syrup festival

There was a maple syrup festival in Perth. A bit of serendipity too, because I had just run out of my last cache of real maple syrup, stored in a bottle of Crown Royal my mom gave me.

Perth is a great for a getting to visit a small town without having to drive too far. We missed the pancake breakfast in the morning, but made up for it by having maple sausages.


I bought me a bottle of amber maple syrup. Apparently, it’s thicker and richer than the regular maple syrup.

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Super Bowl Sunday

Thumbnail: Aaron pumps gas

We cover a lot of ground on the drive, stuff I wouldn’t admit to just anyone. It’s good to have a set amount of time for some one on one. We see each other at parties, but it’s never time by ourselves.

Thumbnail: Rob's lair

We get there a few hours early because it isn’t so much about the game as hanging out with the two friends I don’t see enough. There’s a cooler full of snow and beer, and the food is coming in protein; pigs-in-blankets, ground beef nachos, chicken fingers, crab dip, meat balls.

Thumbnail: Cradle

For a night, I’m with guys who punch arms, exchange verbal jabs, and laugh at blue collar jokes. Two little girls run around, and no one ever lets that change them. Now they’re fathers, but they’ll always be real men.

Ryan's First Birthday

A video I shot as a Christmas present for Aaron and Karen. This was the first day I tried my “poor man’s steadycam”, and aside from a few shaky shots from fiddling around while trying to capture everything, the panning works very well.

I was thinking about saving the video for when Ryan gets married, but figured I may be dead before that happens, so I decided to give it to them now. There are so many notes in the production of the video that I feel like I need a 10-minute directors commentary to cover all the details. Alas, I’ll leave the insight up to the viewer.

How can so many people love one little boy? It seems almost impossible.


A good wingman says “no problem bro” when you ask him to go with you, and takes it as an opportunity to hang out.

He listens and commiserates and backs you up on your feelings when you’re catching him up.

He even pays for dinner when he’s the one doing you a favour.

He keeps a lookout in the sea of people so he can be aware of the situation and warn you.

He stands facing the door so you can have your back to it when talking to him, and won’t be caught off guard.

He teases you about the cute ones, just like the good old days, when you went drinking in places too loud to talk.

He leads when you’re too nervous or self-conscious to do anything, and he follows without question when you take action.

He has a great time, and thanks you for the night.