Maple syrup festival

There was a maple syrup festival in Perth. A bit of serendipity too, because I had just run out of my last cache of real maple syrup, stored in a bottle of Crown Royal my mom gave me.

Perth is a great for a getting to visit a small town without having to drive too far. We missed the pancake breakfast in the morning, but made up for it by having maple sausages.


I bought me a bottle of amber maple syrup. Apparently, it’s thicker and richer than the regular maple syrup.

hanging out


Mexicali Rosa's

A very fashionable Mexicali Rosa’s, built on a river.

photography by the pond

One of the reasons I went was to show Aaron and Trolley a few photography tricks. We’re all shooting Canon now, and it’s cool to have another thing in common with my friends, especially something I enjoy so much.



radiator ornament

There was a whole antique car lineup down one street. This is one badass radiator ornament on a firetruck red 1920s jalopy.

buying cotton candy

Not for himself, but Steph. In pink, of course.

taffy on snow

Taffy drizzled over a stick on a bed of ice, also known as taffy on snow.


  1. Whoa, between when I posted my last comment and when it refreshed, the new post just went up. Love love love the extra space it affords the pictures!

    • Thanks for the feedback…I’m still tweaking things around here, so they may look a bit off for now.

  2. Great pictures! I’ll get you and Aaron mine, then you need to give me a post-processing tutorial.

    I really like the new layout too :)

    • Sure thing, although post-processing is a lot harder if you’re shooting JPEG instead of RAW. I’ll send you a link for some of the Photoshop actions I use.

  3. Love the new format! However I think your captions are coming out flying too far left on my ::ancient:: Explorer browser (sorry it’s what we have for work).

    • Holy crap, you need to send this article to your IT department! I used to be a huge advocate of cross-browser compatibility, but I didn’t even test this version in IE6 cause it’s so bad.

  4. you have no idea how mean it is to post such a thing like the first photo. i am reading this on a sunday and no shop is open offering maple sirup.

    shame on you! ;-)


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