booster draft

Today, I got to introduce some very good friends to each other. Everyone got along famously, although it couldn’t have gone any other way with these guys.

It was the first booster draft for three of us. I was massacred in every game, and didn’t have any less fun losing to such great sports.

Magic: The Gathering booster draft

Two Innistrad and two Dark Ascension. Oh what glittering golden symbols lie beneath these wrappers.

Unfortunately, nothing interested me when we were picking out rares1, so I got nothing for the deck I’m currently building, and no direction for a second deck. But as Aaron said, even if you lose, it’s cheaper than a night of poker. Sometimes you lose it on the river, sometimes you draw 13 consecutive lands, and sometimes you OH GOD WHY ARE MY CREATURES DEAD ARGHGHHGHGH LETS PLAY AGAIN.

  1. And there wasn’t a single green rare — exactly what I was looking for — out of 17 rares. I have no idea what the chances are on that, but I know they’re not big. []

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