Monthly Archives: September 2004

It's a D/s Life: A Cautionary Note

Sometimes I have to take a step back, and look at things as I did for the first time. I have to keep in mind that one of the most important aspects of this lifestyle is consent. That power flows from the bottom up, not the top down.

That I shouldn’t overstep my boundaries. That in time, more trust will develop, and the relationship will grow, and the boundaries will extend. That with this comes intimacy, strength, and possibly love.

That even with all the responsibility, trust, and faith I’ve been given, I must retain my humility. That power does not need to be exerted to be felt.

That I had none of this, and have been given everything.

You Don't Know Me

On a day-to-day basis at work I have to deal with a multitude of contacts from all sorts of businesses, such as printing companies, media companies, survey/research companies, phone/internet providers, magazines, tech support departments, marketing companies, and tons of other random operations either trying to get my business or required by me for a product/service. At the beginning of every phone call, every single person I deal with asks me how I’m doing. It’s become a challenge not to shout into the receiver, “YOU DON’T KNOW ME. DO YOU REALLY CARE? I’M A LITTLE WORRIED CAUSE IT BURNS WHEN I PEE! DID YOU REALLY WANT TO KNOW THAT?!!”, every time I hear the cookie-cutter question. The worst is when I have to call someone several times in a day to follow up on something, and I’m greeted with the same question every time, as if my company might have been built on a fault line that somehow separated between 10:00 and 10:15.

I know that asking is a polite thing to do, and it’s polite of me to ask in return, but it’s extremely difficult for me to say things that I don’t really mean. I generally only ask my friends how they’re doing, and I certainly only tell my friends how I’m actually doing.

I suppose it’s all just a hazard of the job. One day, for one of the less friendly, more aggressive, rudely patronizing, dreadfully unimportant calls (such as one I got the other day from a company selling solutions for high search engine rankings), I’ll go on about some make-believe problem I’m having. It’ll be interesting to see how long they can stay on the line, how much the business worth to them.

Gillette MACH3 Razor with 2 Cartridges


  • Gillette MACH3 Razor and 2 Cartridges
  • Triple-blade shaving system with an advanced indicator lubricating strip
  • Razor features ergonomic handle; 3 blades gradually extend closer to beard, less reshaving is required
  • The indicator lubricating strip has a blue stripe that fades away when blade is no longer optimum*
  • Each blade has a patented DLC comfort edge to glide effortlessly across face

*Note: Does not apply to Chinese males with sissy facial hair. Please use eight to twelve months as a general guideline for replacing dull blades.

It's a D/s Life: A Beginning

I haven’t written a contemplation entry in ages. Things have been pushed aside to make way for new exploration and comprehension.

For so long, I’ve tried to wait before writing about this. My inexperience, and possibly even insecurities, have caused me to approach this subject slowly and carefully. Every day a new idea, a new understanding, a new emotion, a new strength. I’ve felt as if I’ve known so little, but am now beginning to make progress in my learning, am now beginning to understand the immensity of this lifestyle.

Now, there are now too many thoughts to go without record, and I must write.

The IT Budget Just Got Bigger

I was given the opportunity to purchase a new machine (with my choice of parts) at work and put it together from scratch, something I had never done before. I’ve dabbled in cases ever since I played games (the driving force behind much of my computer knowledge), but never actually assembled an entire box from parts.

It’s amazing to see how far along motherboards, and even cases, have come now. Overclocking can be done through software, as opposed to opening the case and fiddling with jumpers. Fan speed is automatically controlled for a balance of silence and cooling. Rail mounted drive bays make hardware configurations much simpler. Thumbscrews eliminate the need for screwdrivers for a simple dusting. Firewire ports, ethernet connections, video support, even 5.1 surround are all built onboard, for the option of extremely clean, roomy, and cool cases, even if they are rather simple.

I managed to put the system together without having to re-seat a card, clean a connection, or wiggle a power cable. My machine is now a P4 3.2E (I suppose all higher end Pentium chips now automatically come with hyper-threading), with a gig of DDR RAM, a 200 GB serial-ATA HDD, and a 128 MB ATI 800XT Pro video card. I also requested another 17″ flat panel, and received it the next day, so I can take advantage of the dual display goodness.

Work was good, but now it’s just better.