Gillette MACH3 Razor with 2 Cartridges


  • Gillette MACH3 Razor and 2 Cartridges
  • Triple-blade shav­ing sys­tem with an advanced indi­ca­tor lubri­cat­ing strip
  • Razor fea­tures ergonom­ic han­dle; 3 blades grad­u­al­ly extend clos­er to beard, less reshav­ing is required
  • The indi­ca­tor lubri­cat­ing strip has a blue stripe that fades away when blade is no longer opti­mum*
  • Each blade has a patent­ed DLC com­fort edge to glide effort­less­ly across face

*Note: Does not apply to Chinese males with sis­sy facial hair. Please use eight to twelve months as a gen­er­al guide­line for replac­ing dull blades.

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