Monthly Archives: October 2003

BT Is Coming To Town

My wish has come true, and Billy Talent is playing here next month. I already bought four tickets, and Jono is buying his own set. All I need now is some ear plugs. Since I’m the only one out of my group who doesn’t mosh, I’m hoping that Jono or one his friends doesn’t either so that I’ll have someone to stand with at least. It’s always easier to find everyone afterwards as long as no one is alone.

The One Who Can Turn You Off Food

Pat is a very easy going guy. It’s rare for him to be angry or annoyed with someone, as aggravating as they can be. He has his four basic rules of getting along with people, which are a part of his personality. To me, they perfectly explain how I can’t walk ten minutes with him on campus without someone walking by and greeting him. He’s one of the most popular, friendly, outgoing people I know.

So I was surprised to hear him tell me about someone he met whom he couldn’t stand. After all, this is Patty, the guy who loves and is loved by everyone. I didn’t believe him until he explained how this person stood for everything he was against. Pat holds respect for others as one of the most important things in life, and this person had none.

It was odd to think that Pat has a natural “enemy”, someone who contradicts him in almost every way, until I realized that I have one as well. I’ve met a person who is everything I try not to be. He’s obnoxious, untrustworthy, crude, overbearing, pussy-whipped, jealous, and closed-minded. He has a decent set of manners, is generally friendly to most people, and does have a reasonable intelligence as far as I can tell, but none of this can really make up for what he’s like.

I can feel myself being slightly, uncontrollably biased against him, which I can’t stand in myself. One of Pat’s rules is that everyone should be given a fair chance, and even though I feel like I’ve given more than enough time for this person to change my opinion, I’m never sure if it’s enough. I hate being biased.

I generally can’t stand most people, but that’s my fault because of my intolerance. This person, however, is one of the only people I don’t blame myself for. Perhaps I dislike him so much because he reminds me a lot of what I used to be. Of course, Aaron thinks that this is a good thing, a reminder of how far I’ve been able to come as a person.

Sometimes that’s just hard to see.

Metallic Sobriety

After a more than one year hiatus, and generous ribbing by Jonathan, I’ve made a new 1280×1024 desktop background in jpg format. I wanted something very clean and simple, and spent almost four hours toying around in Photoshop yesterday, starting from scratch. I was lucky enough to manage the ribbon effect, which happened completely by chance with the right oscillation, the right canvas size, and the right gradient effect. I used my original generation, because I haven’t been able to produce quite the same results, and I’m afraid that I won’t be able to again.

My adoration of the Dali font is pretty obvious in most of the graphic design I do, and in this case I use it to balance out the dual circle graphic on the screen. Both pictures in the dual circle graphic were old stock photos I had taken a few years ago. I had forgotten about the start menu when trying to centre the entire area, so everything is shifted up about 15 pixels.

I’ll probably make versions for other resolutions. A problem I often have with background design is that I’m usually too much of a web designer, and end up with very complex, cluttered backgrounds that sometimes look like page layouts. I enjoy the filter effect, and how everything is almost white washed. The entire piece is a representation of the most neutral of my emotions lately, a kind of supine view of the world that makes everything level out. I think this one is my best backgrounds to date, and I’m rather proud of it.

Laptop Excitement

There’s been a laptop craze going around lately, with Tom’s purchase of a used Powerbook, Nick’s job financed Travelmate 800, and Wheaties’s gift financed iBook. All the recent laptop purchases has made everyone else zealous. Both Aaron and Trolley are thinking about the purchase of one now, and I’ve already been sucked in.

Next week I’ll be ordering a Sager 5680 notebook, which I’ll be replacing my current desktop with. It has great specs, the only downfalls being a short battery life (which I can live with) and a rather large size/weight (which I’m willing to deal with). I’ll be getting the P4 3.0 GHz HT processor (woooo!), the 15″ UXGA TFT screen, the wireless LAN, and 60GB hard drive options. The best thing is that it comes with a ATI Mobility Radeon 9600 Pro (Pro!) which hasn’t quite started it’s product cycle in North America yet. I’ll be looking forward to dual head display, being able to attend LANs without needing a ride, and possible digital speaker output (which I have yet to take advantage of).