Laptop Excitement

There’s been a lap­top craze going around late­ly, with Tom’s pur­chase of a used Powerbook, Nick’s job financed Travelmate 800, and Wheaties’s gift financed iBook. All the recent lap­top pur­chas­es has made every­one else zeal­ous. Both Aaron and Trolley are think­ing about the pur­chase of one now, and I’ve already been sucked in.

Next week I’ll be order­ing a Sager 5680 note­book, which I’ll be replac­ing my cur­rent desk­top with. It has great specs, the only down­falls being a short bat­tery life (which I can live with) and a rather large size/weight (which I’m will­ing to deal with). I’ll be get­ting the P4 3.0 GHz HT proces­sor (woooo!), the 15″ UXGA TFT screen, the wire­less LAN, and 60GB hard dri­ve options. The best thing is that it comes with a ATI Mobility Radeon 9600 Pro (Pro!) which has­n’t quite start­ed it’s prod­uct cycle in North America yet. I’ll be look­ing for­ward to dual head dis­play, being able to attend LANs with­out need­ing a ride, and pos­si­ble dig­i­tal speak­er out­put (which I have yet to take advan­tage of).

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