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The Essence Of Spring Nights

Me in a toque

Go out­side. Right now.

It’s dark. It’s cool. It’s breezy. Grass has replaced the snow. Walking down­town, the smell of shawar­ma from every Lebanese restau­rant, the peo­ple shed­ding their coats, the sur­fac­ing skin, it’s as if the world is bloom­ing while the sun has set.

All I want is for you to be here with me. To share this moment with you.

It’s a pity to be alone on nights like this.

Spring Is The Feeling

Spring flowers 1 
Spring flowers 2 
Spring flowers 3 
Spring flowers 4 
Spring flowers 5 
Spring flowers 6 
Spring flowers 7 
Spring flowers 8 
Spring flowers 9 
Spring flowers 10 

Spring is when you wake up, and you’re sick and you’re grog­gy and your hair refus­es to co-oper­ate, and your iPod ran out of bat­ter­ies, and you’re late for work but you take your time walk­ing any­way because the sun’s in your face and the wind’s at your back and for some rea­son you know that every­thing’s going to be alright.

It's The First Week Of Spring

The city begins to melt as the sun warms soil and pave­ment alike. Trickles of water run every­where while the ice dis­solves, a pre­scient sign of the streams soon to be come from lawn sprin­klers and car wash hoses, as excess finds its way to sew­er grates. By night, the tem­per­a­ture drops below freez­ing again and the small urban cur­rents turn sol­id. Pedestrians prac­tice their wad­dles in the morn­ing as they maneu­ver across the slip­pery patch­es. The only remains of ice are the paths left com­pressed by the tram­pling of feet through the win­ter.

Every day I wake up it’s a lit­tle brighter, in my room, and in my mind.