Spring Is The Feeling

Spring flowers 1 
Spring flowers 2 
Spring flowers 3 
Spring flowers 4 
Spring flowers 5 
Spring flowers 6 
Spring flowers 7 
Spring flowers 8 
Spring flowers 9 
Spring flowers 10 

Spring is when you wake up, and you’re sick and you’re grog­gy and your hair refus­es to co-oper­ate, and your iPod ran out of bat­ter­ies, and you’re late for work but you take your time walk­ing any­way because the sun’s in your face and the wind’s at your back and for some rea­son you know that every­thing’s going to be alright.


  1. yes, those pesky lit­tle pol­leny flow­ers have some pow­er to them alright. They’re like pup­pies. It’s hard to be dis­cour­aged in a spring wind with green­ing hap­pen­ing vis­i­bly around.

  2. Hahaha…puppies. What a great anal­o­gy. For me it would be kit­tens. I can nev­er stay mad at them, even if they’ve been real­ly bad.

  3. It’s so fun­ny that you post­ed this, because this morn­ing I over­slept and so I could­n’t get ready for work. No CDs for the car ride and no prop­er show­er, and for some rea­son some­body had put fuzzy dice in my car.
    I was much less opti­mistic about the sit­u­a­tion. To be fair though I had thun­der­storms today.

  4. It’s killer when there’s no music. I have some­thing on 24 hours a day, whether it’s at work, at home, or even when I’m sleep­ing.

    How did some­one put fuzzy dice in your car?

  5. I lat­er learned a friend of my broth­er’s was being gen­er­ous, hard­ly a cause for my con­cern

  6. love­ly micro’s of the flow­ers…
    guess spring has sprung back east…
    I tried to ‘save’ one of them for my desk­top background..hope you dont mind.
    It’s just such a love­ly med­i­ta­tive photo..wanted to try it out.
    no wor­rys though, I’d nev­er repost it on the net.

  7. HA HA
    you’ve done your mojo on the ‘put­er
    should have assumed that, since your pho­tos are so nice.
    per­haps you could email me one? I love the white flower with the green back­ground (spring flower 3)
    pret­ty please?

  8. Sure! Tell me your desk­top res­o­lu­tion, and I’ll send you a full-sized ver­sion so there’s no pix­el scal­ing.

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