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Heard you got pregnant.

Maybe you faked it, cause you had a convenient miscarriage when you got thrown out. Now you’re really pregnant, and the new guy is letting you stay.

It could have been me, they said. That was my first thought too. But I’m not weak and you’re not here.

Until last week, I still had your number in my phone, but to be honest, it was just so I could know not to pick up. Sorry I never called. I thought about it once or twice, when I wanted a person to play with cause so many songs sound better with a harmony. But I’m too good at coming up with reasons to be alone. If I saw you again, I’d ask how you remembered the chords of your friend’s song cause I can’t even remember the words to some of my favourite tracks. And if you ever recorded yourself singing a song for your old grandpa to see.

I still have that out-of-focus photo of us on the couch, looking into the camera, you on top. I’m probably never going to do anything with it.

To the person who broke into my car last night

You stole:

  • My Apple earbuds, which I didn’t care much about, cause they’re shitty and feel like stale muffins in your ears. The only reason I had these in the car was to talk handsfree while driving. Which was probably only three times a year, but very useful when needed.
  • About $20 in change, which is more than I need for parking, but this was also the spontaneous junk food fund.
  • My GPS charger, which was in case the battery dies on the road (cause I hate driving with it plugged in). I don’t keep my GPS in the car when it’s cold to preserve the battery, and I haven’t needed it since the winter. I’m pretty sure you would have stolen my GPS if it was in there.
  • My iPhone charger, which was brand-spanking new, and used for long road trips.
  • My auxilliary audio cable, which I use to play my iPhone tracks over my car stereo. I was thinking of replacing it anyway cause it was way too long and the bunched cable looked like clutter, but I was still annoyed by the fact that I had to drive 10 minutes to the nearest Circuit City to buy another without being able to listen to the music I wanted.

You didn’t steal:

  • My wheel locks, which would have been no use to you without the key, and annoying for me to replace. So…thanks?
  • My assorted music CDs, which I needed an excuse to clean up anyway, so you not taking them didn’t do my any favours. They were also really good songs, and not stealing them probably means your taste in music sucks.
  • My model cat, which I keep in the back seat and has been getting mixed reviews lately. About 50% of people are fine with it, and 50% are really creeped out because they think it’s real and refuse to sit in the back unless I put it in the trunk. But it was a present from my uncle in Hong Kong, so I’m really glad you didn’t take it.
  • My emergency blanket and candles, which I felt like you should have taken, because I can’t imagine you being very warm if you’re a petty crook.

I have to wonder if you were so upset about not finding anything valuable that you decided to steal things that aren’t even worth selling or fencing, out of spite. It wasn’t enough to make a claim on my insurance, so I have to buy this stuff again. But I don’t really need any of it, except for the auxiliary cable, which I replaced with a fancy new retracting set and with which I’m much happier.

Just this week I was reading about that colonel being charged with a string of break-ins to steal underwear, and how the people in that neighbourhood felt shaken at the news. I empathized with them, and felt lucky that it didn’t happen near me.

But when I came out of my house and found the contents of my glove compartment spilled onto the passenger seat, I was reminded that this is a fact of life everyone is forced to accept, because no one is immune. It’s a necessary evil, to remind people that putting too much value in our possessions means we only have more to lose.

The only thing that bothers me is that I feel violated. I’m pretty sure I locked my car, but there’s no sign of forced entry, so I wonder how you got in and whether you now have free access. I can’t change my parking spot. My car will always be there, so now I need to keep anything valuable out of it. Not that big a deal really, but it’s less convenient to have to remember to bring change any time I want to park downtown. Also, in the spring I like to keep all the windows of my house open, and now I won’t feel safe doing that when I’m sleeping on a different floor.

But I still consider myself lucky. Lucky you didn’t make out with more than $100 worth of stuff. Lucky my first experience with theft was relatively minor, and an inexpensive lesson learned. Lucky I’ve been feeling good lately and that this incident is only a small blip on my radar.

I can only hope that you used the change to feed yourself, because if you’re stealing random shit from cars, you probably need the money more than I do.

But, please, don’t do it again, cause to be honest, I’d rather it was me eating those McDonald’s french fries on Friday night.

Letters to Girls Mothers

I’ve been trying to write a letter to her mother. Something like this:

I was going to stop by on my last trip to Toronto, but part of me realized it may have made things complicated, since it’d be the first time since we stopped talking to each other. Not that I was scared you would take a side, but because I didn’t want you to think I was forcing that decision on you.

All I want to say is that I miss all of you terribly, she was special, and it’s a pity things didn’t work out. But it was much beyond our control. I don’t know if either of us will ever grow out of these differences that hold us back.

The last time I came to visit, it was almost 2pm on a Tuesday and you were both at work. I scratched a note on the back of a notepad to let you know I stopped by, and she told me you liked me so much, you stuck it on your fridge. That always meant a lot.

Thanks for everything.

But all of it comes out sounding defensive. I wish I could explain how I’m not angry but sad, which is a testament to how great they were. I can’t figure out how to put the ball in their court, to let them know that if they’re okay with it, and she’s okay with it, we can still be friends. I really don’t know how appropriate that would be anyway.

Sometimes, the hardest part of giving up the girls is giving up their parents too.

A Letter To The Officer Who Made Me Drive Into A Ditch

(If you haven’t seen the picture.)

Maybe we have a few things in common. We were both driving back to the office at the end of the day (me to drop off the cases I had picked up, you to do more paperwork). Both five years at our jobs. Both without prior accidents. But I’m actually in marketing, not delivery, and if it wasn’t for the fact that our so many of our drivers had called in sick, I wouldn’t have been on the road at this particular time on this particular day.

It was actually a few factors that led to my driving into the dirt shoulder, and eventually, settling in a ditch facing the wrong way in the grassy median. You drove from the onramp directly into the passing lane — where I was — without checking your blind spot. Or signaling. I didn’t realize you were coming into my lane and about to hit me until it was too late. I didn’t have time to brake, so I had to drive half onto the shoulder. As I steered back onto the cement road, it caused a difference in traction between my left and right tires. It made me veer left, and I tried to correct it by steering right. Then the same thing happened in the opposite direction.

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