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On Being 5'4" and Weighing 115 lbs

  • Her: Does it both­er you that I’m taller?
  • Me: Hah. No.
  • Me: I nev­er under­stood why a guy would feel that way.
  • Her: Good good.
  • Me: Usually it both­ers girls that I’m short­er.
  • Her: I don’t care at all.
  • Her: Do you care that I prob­a­bly weigh more than you as well?
  • Me: Hahahahh, every­one weighs more than me.
  • Me: Trust me.
  • Her: Hahah, I’m just say­ing!!!
  • Me: I’m super light.
  • Me: Why, does it nor­mal­ly both­er oth­er guys if you’re heav­ier?
  • Her: Yeah for sure, I mean I don’t care one way or another…its their prob­lem not mine, they’re the ones miss­ing out.
  • Me: Well if I only dat­ed girls who were lighter than me, I could­n’t date any­one old­er than 14.

Relationship Advice From Chinese People

My fam­i­ly always ask me if I’m dat­ing any­one right now. They assume I pre­fer Caucasian girls. I tell them I don’t mind either way (the oth­er side of “either” being Chinese girls). That’s when they warn me about main­land girls. Chinese main­lan­ders are com­mon­ly viewed by Hong Kong peo­ple as being low-class, crude, and provin­cial. It’s said that even if a girl from there is pret­ty, they lose all attrac­tive­ness as soon as she opens her mouth. On top of that, they’re gold-dig­gers, just look­ing for a way to get mon­ey or a green card.

They tell me I’ll be fine as long as I don’t mar­ry a main­land girl.

My grand­ma used to tell me to find a Chinese girl, because Chinese girls treat their men bet­ter, or to find some­one who loves me more than I love them. She’s filled with all sorts of fun­ny apho­risms, like “Women are to be loved, not hit.”