On Being 5'4" and Weighing 115 lbs

  • Her: Does it bother you that I’m taller?
  • Me: Hah. No.
  • Me: I never understood why a guy would feel that way.
  • Her: Good good.
  • Me: Usually it bothers girls that I’m shorter.
  • Her: I don’t care at all.
  • Her: Do you care that I probably weigh more than you as well?
  • Me: Hahahahh, everyone weighs more than me.
  • Me: Trust me.
  • Her: Hahah, I’m just saying!!!
  • Me: I’m super light.
  • Me: Why, does it normally bother other guys if you’re heavier?
  • Her: Yeah for sure, I mean I don’t care one way or another…its their problem not mine, they’re the ones missing out.
  • Me: Well if I only dated girls who were lighter than me, I couldn’t date anyone older than 14.


  1. yeeep the last time I was 115 (other than for medical reasons)I think I was still in grade school. oh no no no I got to 114 for a friend’s wedding and stayed there until I got engaged and let myself go.

    • I’ve always been around 115 since high school (although there was a period I went up to 126 — the most I’ve ever weighed — for a few months just after university). Even when I had colitis (which the doctors mis-diagnosed as stomach flu) and I barely ate anything for weeks, I only dropped to 108. I think my natural weight will always be 115.

  2. Smaller guys have always been my choice just by default (if you like Asian looks there you are). I have never minded.

    I did have a blind date with an Eastern European guy who was about 5’4 once who was obviously ill at ease that I was so tall. (I’m only 5’7″ but it was 80s giant platforms time). I mentioned I usually dated smaller guys and it was nothing to me. He didn’t believe me!

    “Just how does that work?” he said sort of suspiciously, which landed on my ear as innuendo.

    “Oh, VERY well,” I said.

  3. 5’11” at 140. It feels really awkward, maybe even creepy, to date a woman who’s below my chin line. I wonder how women feel about dating either a head taller, or a head shorter?

    • Interesting. It’s a reverse projection. I know a lot of couples where the girl is more than a head taller too.

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