we put our feet just where they had to go

Our final days grow ever dark­er, but win­ter feels far away when I turn on the A/C in the car as we set off on the scenic route. It’s strange to think I’ll nev­er be here again. I do my best to take my time, to remem­ber the smell of every wood­en house and twirl of hair and cozy wind. This was nev­er a way for me to escape my life back home, only a jour­ney I knew I need­ed to take.

But the nov­el­ty of grey hair and almond eyes has long run out, and now I’m just a man, try­ing to find out where he belongs.


A mask that smiles.

bouldering in the park

Tiny boul­der­ing wall in Blowing Rock park.

Christmas shop
candle carver
carved candles
Kil'n Time

Kil’n Time, a ceram­ic stu­dio where you can paint your own piece, adorn it with dec­o­ra­tions, and sin­ter it in a fur­nace.

Scotch egg and deep fried pickles

Scotch egg, served chilled with greens, toma­toes, and berry vinai­grette dress­ing. Also, deep fried pick­les (sliced, not quar­tered) with ranch sauce. I’ve hat­ed pick­les my entire life, but these were REALLY good.


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