take me somewhere nice

It’s night, and a gen­tle song begins on my bed­side speak­er. Until this point, I’d always won­dered who’d be the first to hear this song with me. Whose breath I’d feel on my body as the melody got lost in the dark­ness along with our inhi­bi­tions. It was­n’t a song I’d been sav­ing, only one I nev­er had the chance to share until I found myself here, explor­ing the open fields and windswept moun­tains and towns in between.

Sarah and sweater

Bristol sign
broken house
looking down in the art hall

We have to stop meet­ing like this.

house in forest
Barter Theatre
seafood club sandwich

The seafood club: smoked salmon, herbed cream cheese, cucum­bers, mixed greens, toma­toes, and sprouts on dark rye. Perfect in every way.

Sarah peeks
State Street — Tennessee/Virginia

State Street.

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  1. Gosh that pic­ture of the two of you is SO CUTE!!!

    I am curi­ous if you two are dat­ing?! I don’t mean to pry, … it is just that you two are soooo cute togeth­er!

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