this same flower that smiles today

I find myself resigned to some­one’s care. It’s not an easy kind of con­trol to relin­quish, but late­ly I trust as lit­tle as pos­si­ble in the future and do my best to go along for the ride. As the old poem goes; be wise, strain the wine, or as Zorba would put it, “DON’T BE DELICATE”. I did­n’t plan on liv­ing for­ev­er any­way.

On a cold night, we keep the only promise made, one of those small won­ders that still make me believe. I fit some­where between needs and wants, tem­po­rary relief and long-term side effects, class and home­work, nib­bled lips and bit­ten tongues.

in a field


Blakemore House pillows


campus building


magnetic fridge poetry

I got made fun of in high-school for hav­ing mag­net­ic poet­ry in my lock­er.

shit on shoes


Goldfish Colours

The only thing I regret is not buy­ing this.

graveyard sunset




meeting at dusk

I miss this so much.

moss roof tavern

The Tavern is Abingdon’s old­est build­ing, with a moss-top roof.

Harvest Table restaurant, Virginia

Pot roast, slow cooked in wine and stock for six hours, and served with a roast­ed pota­to med­ley, tossed with fresh sea­son­al greens, mush­rooms, and goat cheese. Lovely jub­bly.

At The Harvest Table.


  1. Beautiful jour­ney, and girl. Strange cat. I am always trans­port­ed by your open spaces in the places you vis­it.…
    Oh NO yr shoes!.
    I would’ve bought those gold­fish for sure.
    Can I have the grave­yard pic?
    Last shot: This face was more what I envi­sioned for you. Don’t ask me why I don’t know. Character!.

  2. These pic­tures actu­al­ly make me miss Ottawa a bit! She looks like such a nice girl!

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