Scotland, Day 7: Edinburgh

It’s slow going in the house of mirth. We’ve been exploring parts of Scotland every day, so we decided to take a day off to watch acclaimed British sitcoms and movies. I’m so happy here. It finally feels like I’m on vacation, as Dennis likes to remind me when I say I shouldn’t eat any more ice cream. Where else does someone keep my dishes delightfully warm in the oven before serving me? Luckily, Dennis is also something of an accomplished keyboard player. Jamming with new people, learning their unique strengths and the sound they can get from their instruments, is always more fun than I can describe.

Funny to think that we’d only met once before at Aaron’s wedding five years ago, and kept in touch from across of the pond. Introverts like us never forget those kinds of connections, cause it’s so rare to find a person to whom you can easily talk for hours. He lives the same life I have now, the same life I see myself having many years into the future. Even our cats are alike.


Dennis had this conservatory built as a room where he could lounge during the day. The polycarbonate ceiling lets plenty of light through and keeps the space bright and warm and sunny and I’ve decided that I need a room like this.

When the sun sets it can get quite chilly, so then we move to the main room and put the fire on.

minced beef with Yorkshire pudding

Minced beef with carrots and peas, and Yorkshire pudding. The whole “pudding” thing is a misnomer that threw me off at first. It’s actually a light pastry, usually served with a savoury dish.

wedding photo

Taken at Aaron’s wedding in 2007 (I was a groomsman). Between him and Dennis are Chris and Vic (whom I’ve always called Papa).

Barney the cat

One of the best things about this trip is finally being able to meet Barney. Dennis lets him out as he pleases, and when he wants back in, you can see his black outline through the patterned glass as he waits patiently by the door. He doesn’t like being picked up but he doesn’t make a fuss about it either.

Barney rarely stays in one place at a time, frequently alternating between stretching out on one of his pillows and the carpet.


  1. How wonderful! I especially love the wedding photo and you in a kilt of course. :)

  2. That’s such an odd and wonderful room, the solarium. You should! You should make one.

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