Heather G’s Birthday Dinner

Feeding Sergey

Thumbnail: Heather, Summer, Sergey
Thumbnail: The Glebe
Thumbnail: Italian market
Thumbnail: Picking produce
Thumbnail: Salmon, red pepper pizza
Thumbnail: Beef, red pepper pizza
Thumbnail: After dinner
Thumbnail: Sprinkling chocolate
Thumbnail: Tiramisu and chai tea
Thumbnail: Raspberries


  1. That little grocery is so like one I used to work in many years ago; didn’t know they still had cute places where they hand-label the prices every day! I love how all the places you go seem so personal-touch.

    • Stores like that are diamonds in the rough when it comes to bigger cities.

  2. Your pictures are so awesome… Everytime I come back they just get better and better :) What’s the name of the plug in you use for this kind of post that shows the photos popped up like that with a next button? Maybe you just coded it yourself, dunno. It’s awesome though & I want to steal it :D

  3. Ah I did some digging, I guess you use Thickbox? But just edited to look nicer?

    • Actually, I’m using plain old Lightbox 2, which started a bunch of copycat clones (such as Thickbox) to change or extend the functionality. I believe Thickbox can handle websites and flash inside the frame as well.

      Lightbox does look better of the the box, doesn’t it?

  4. I installed Lightbox 2 on my site now and it is prettyful! though it’s white and not the pretty black!!

    • Both white and black have advantages, but for most photography, I find black to be a better background cause the colours really pop out. That’s why you have a lot of links on flickr that say “view on black”.

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