Hong Kong Food Diary: Week 1

Chocolate mousse

Thumbnail: Stir fried abalone mushrooms with pork
Thumbnail: Stir fried Chinese broccoli
Thumbnail: Coconut mousse
Thumbnail: Coffee, citrus, and sago taro root jellies
Thumbnail: Stir fried crabs in black bean sauce
Thumbnail: Chinese dinner platter
Thumbnail: Chinese duck and chicken
Thumbnail: Egg chicken in soya sauce
Thumbnail: Fresh bread
Thumbnail: Chrysanthemum honey and aloe jelly
Thumbnail: latte
Thumbnail: Mango mousse
Thumbnail: Mango pudding
Thumbnail: Strawberry and chocolate mousse
Thumbnail: Oysters in the half shell
Thumbnail: Phoenix talons (chicken feet) and spare ribs in oyster sauce
Thumbnail: Fried black pepper pork chops with onions and potatoes
Thumbnail: Pork knuckles, eggs, and ginger in Chinese black vinegar.
Thumbnail: Pork neck fried noodles
Thumbnail: Salad bar
Thumbnail: Steamed scallops with black bean paste
Thumbnail: Seafood
Thumbnail: Seafood fried noodles
Thumbnail: Seafood fried rice with egg
Thumbnail: Seafood linguine
Thumbnail: Steamed shrimp in garlic sauce
Thumbnail: Soba noodles
Thumbnail: Chinese soup
Thumbnail: Steak pizza
Thumbnail: Steamed fish
Thumbnail: Black steamed fish in sea salt.
Thumbnail: Sushi platter
Thumbnail: Tofu and crab ball
Thumbnail: Tofu flower
Thumbnail: Yin yang shrimp

I’ve decid­ed to break up my food pho­tos by week, since there’s so much to write about. I’m an extreme­ly picky eater, but I’ve rav­en­ous­ly con­sumed every­thing that’s come across my plate (aside from one type of fish, and a dish involv­ing bit­ter mel­on). I’m not sure if it’s because the food is fresh, cooked well, or because I can’t cook Chinese food myself and have been with­out for a long time, but every­thing tastes so good. And these aren’t pho­tos of all the food I’ve eat­en so far; there have been a few times I did­n’t have my still cam­era with me.

Fish is bought fresh every day since the mar­kets are so close. I don’t get a chance to eat fish very often, but now it seems to be in every meal. I don’t think I’ve had the same dish more than twice. This is the rea­son why I was going to come with Pat and Jen last year, who are gour­mands beyond me. And Bronwen, because she loves try­ing new things, espe­cial­ly food relat­ed.

If you want descrip­tions and expla­na­tions on each dish, you’re going to have to break out of your feed read­ers and use light­box to see the cap­tions. They look so much bet­ter on black any­way.

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  1. Don’t you just miss those Chinese food? I know there’s Chinese food in Ottawa but I bet they don’t taste half as good :)

    When I was in the US last year, I went to a Chinese restau­rant, and was sur­prised to see how nice­ly those Chinese dish­es (e.g. sweet and sour pock, fried veg­eta­bles) looked, but when I tast­ed them, they did­n’t have the “Chinese” taste, you know, LOL.

    • I know exact­ly what you mean about look­ing authen­tic, but tast­ing quite dif­fer­ent. There are a few Chinese restau­rants in Ottawa like that. Maybe it’s because they don’t use as much MSG, which is bad for you but real­ly adds to the flavour.

      • Says who MSG is bad? MSG is the sifu! LOL.

  2. I’m sali­vat­ing. That food looks amaz­ing. And I can’t get over how young your grand­ma looks! Very classy look­ing lady.

    • Maybe it’s because the last time I saw her was five years ago, but she looks old­er to me. But cer­tain­ly young for some­one around her 90s.

  3. Those pic­tures are absolute­ly beau­ti­ful. The food is unbe­liev­able. It looks so good and the colours, shapes, pre­sen­ta­tion is sim­ply amaz­ing.

    And your grand­ma’s glass­es! Love, love, love them!

    I want­ed to eat every­thing here.

    • It seems like the pre­sen­ta­tion of Chinese dish­es seems to take care of itself. There isn’t any spe­cial way of mak­ing things look bet­ter than they are, because they look good to begin with!

  4. Image 23 is that of razor clams…now I know :)

    • My friend Nick also men­tioned that it’s a razor clam, but he’s from PEI so has first-hand expe­ri­ence with find­ing them when dig­ging for oth­er clams. It makes me won­der, how did you know?

  5. Yup those are razor clams, just saw some­one use them on a cook­ing show.… Is that “tofu flower” tofu fa, I’m guess­ing? Yes those are mouss­es. And I’ve nev­er seen feng zhao (sp?) and pai gwut (dit­to?) mixed togeth­er before. Interesting…

    ::sigh:: I’m total­ly jonesing for some mein now, thanks a lot!

    • Yep, “fa” means flower in Chinese. You def­i­nite­ly know more terms for Chinese food than the aver­age Caucasian!

  6. I think you’ve chose a buf­fet like style place :) Tell me if you want to try some­thing very good Hong Kong /local food. :)

  7. That’s quite a vari­ety of (gor­geous­ly pho­tographed) food. The good life.

  8. Jeff, come on… this is just cru­el… :)

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