Hanging Party

I feel utterly intoxicated.

Reading poems around the piano

With a hammer and a ladder, we hung my pictures tonight, carefully deciding where to place each one to balance the colours, the orientations, the shapes, and the concepts.

Amongst the wine and the wood, the kids and the colours, we stopped to admire the art in the house. Adrienne dropped by to share her latest graphic poems with us, along with her alcoholic findings. “From The Desk Of” Penelope was written that day, dense and deep, full of details taken for granted. The words must write themselves, I thought.

Thumbnail: Poem reading
Thumbnail: My fruit and body series wall
Thumbnail: Old fashioned side-table
Thumbnail: Akio
Thumbnail: A hammer and a poem
Thumbnail: Old style heater
Thumbnail: Frederic and Akio
Thumbnail: Nicole Beaumont artwork
Thumbnail: Akio on the ladder
Thumbnail: Wine, ice, and salad

Misun and I seem to share a kinship through our appreciation of expression, something I’ve never had with my friends. Not that there’s anything wrong with them, but I’ve always felt like they can’t relate to me when it comes to emotions or creativity. As I seem to be the creative brother she’s always wanted, and she seems to be the supportive sister I’ve always needed, we agreed to be adopted siblings.

In a recent interview, Frédéric said, in his ebullient Parisian accent, that one of the reasons he wanted to open the Salon is to promote dialogue and interaction. Perhaps it’s this hunger for dialogue that connects us. He also mentioned to me he was stressed out about being interviewed; being put on the spot made him freeze up. I told him I had the same problem with pretty girls. “You’re affected by beauty”, he said, something I knew, but not something that everyone understands.

I left, feeling like I was a part of something wonderful, something greater than myself.


  1. How long will your work hang for Jeff? I get back to canada next week and would love to walk through. My stomach whirls with anticipation for you, what an exciting day!

    My fondest wishes for your unveling tonight,


  2. Good to meet you in person. It looked like a great turnout. Happy buzzing crowd. overheard a few people were talking about your strawberry one as a fav. I’m more partial to peppers myself; nice mix of moods and tones in all tho.

  3. jeff my brother im truely sorry i missed ur expo man i love ur work and u know im a die hard fan it just wasent in the cards i hope it went super well and ur anxity was at a low

  4. @loo — It’ll be there for the week, so it should be open until Friday. The times that the gallery is open is listed on the website.

    @Pearl — It was definitely nice to put a real face to a blog. Good to know that people liked the strawberry one because I was too busy talking to hear a general consensus.

    @Rob Mayer — Rob, you missed a fun night, but no worries, there will be others. Anxiety started high on the drive over, but I was able to control it for the rest of the night.

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