Christmas Observer '07

Another Christmas with Shirley and her family, although this time Bill’s family came down as well. I spent Christmas Eve night and Christmas day at their house, partaking in the Christmas experience with those who believe in the importance of such a ritual.

Presents under the tree

We were wrapping presents (from “Santa”) until midnight on Christmas Eve. The tree must have been raised the two feet off the ground to fit everything underneath. Negotiations went on through the night as to what time to wake up, but the kids woke us up at 6:30 anyway. Looking back on the pictures of 2005, you can tell how much they’ve grown in just two years.

Loads more pictures behind the cut.

Christmas morning

Thumbnail: Braden and Ginger
Thumbnail: Stratego
Thumbnail: Mady unwraps
Thumbnail: Cooking cutters
Thumbnail: Braden and Ginger
Thumbnail: Drawing Board
Thumbnail: Got me a Wii
Thumbnail: Toy helicopter controls
Thumbnail: Julia with Webkin
Thumbnail: Kourntey and Jamey
Thumbnail: Maddy presses buttons
Thumbnail: Toronto Maple Leaf slippers
Thumbnail: Nicole's present
Thumbnail: Shirley's bath robe
Thumbnail: Jamey tattoos herself
Thumbnail: Jamey's rabbit tattoo
Thumbnail: Pile of wrapping paper
Thumbnail: Hot chocolate candle

I got something from Shirley, and even her parents, which was totally unexpected because I had never even met them before. “You spoil me”, I said, but they wouldn’t concede me the point.

Christmas decorations

Thumbnail: Christmas bauble
Thumbnail: Party favour
Thumbnail: Santa spreading knife
Thumbnail: Cork reindeer

I don’t have any Christmas decorations because I don’t celebrate, myself. There’s a certain impracticality to them. Something you only bring out once a year.

Christmas food

Thumbnail: Blueberry pie
Thumbnail: Gingerbread house
Thumbnail: Grand Marnier
Thumbnail: Gravy boats

Christmas dinners are different from what I used to have as a child. The big meal would be a roast pig. Turkey isn’t a traditional Chinese food.

Hanging out

Thumbnail: Fighting cats
Thumbnail: Maddy and Matt
Thumbnail: Nicole attacks
Thumbnail: Playing XBox
Thumbnail: Shirley hugs Julia
Thumbnail: Ginger licks the oven
Thumbnail: Shirley wistles

Most of the time was spent lazing around, taking it easy, appreciating the holidays as a break from the every day grind. The older kids don’t believe in Santa Claus anymore, but it doesn’t matter. It does nothing to rob anyone of the Christmas spirit.

At no point did I feel like a guest; there was no standing on ceremony, and that’s what made me feel most like I was part of a family.

Something I get to experience if but once a year.

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