Pat and Jen’s Wedding

Thumbnail: Before getting married

Though somewhat hectic, everything worked out in the end for Pat and Jen’s wedding.


I missed the wedding rehearsal because I had to close the books for the month at work. I didn’t get to Pat’s place until 9:30 that night, which went late into the morning as loose ends were tied up, and Jason and I stayed up until 3:00 am to finish the slide show.

The girls got even less sleep I’m sure; the last I saw them they were giggling in bed like a high-school sleepover.

Before leaving for Jason’s place to stay the night (leaving the house for the girls), Pat gave me God of War 2 and Ratchet and Clank: Up Your Arsenal as gifts for being in the wedding party.

Thumbnail: Kevin and me in the car
Thumbnail: The edge of downtown
Thumbnail: Groomsmen boutonniere
Thumbnail: Ken pins my boutonniere

In the morning we woke up at seven, had some muffins and coffee, decorated the cars, got dressed, and raced to the church.

The Ceremony

Thumbnail: Jason helps Pat with his boutonnière

Due to my missing the rehearsal, I did almost everything wrong. I faced the wrong way, walked down the wrong aisle, got up at the wrong time, and laughed it all off.

Pat, Mr. Robot, Mr. Logic, had tears of joy in his eyes as Jen walked down the aisle. I could see the emotion in his face and eyes, and was simultaneously shocked and touched. I think he got his wish, and discovered that he loves Jen more than he realized.

The ceremony was short and sweet, in a grand church with too much echo.

Afterward, we stepped into a limo that chauffeured us downtown for the pictures, on a day that you couldn’t ask for better weather.


Thumbnail: Jen stepping into the limo
Thumbnail: Bridesmaids in the limo
Thumbnail: Wedding party downtown
Thumbnail: Wedding party on a street corner
Thumbnail: Party in the market
Thumbnail: Sitting in EQ3
Thumbnail: Groomsmen piggyback bridesmaids
Thumbnail: The wedding party pretending to be bored

Wedding party photos were taken in the Courtyard, which is a stone brick patio in the middle of the downtown market. Then Pat and Jen (with Lin holding her train) went off to take more pictures, so the rest of us walked around the market for the rest of the time.


Thumbnail: Me and Jason as MCs
Thumbnail: Wedding table setting
Thumbnail: Trading candy
Thumbnail: Peekaboo
Thumbnail: Christine peeks
Thumbnail: Applause for speeches
Thumbnail: Wedding favor — dim sum steamer
Thumbnail: Wedding favor — dim sum steamer

There were a few hiccups through the night — time issues, audio issues — but nothing that couldn’t be solved.

It was a good feeling to be an MC, making decisions on the fly, making sure everything went smoothly. It was almost as if every bit of my character, everything I’ve gained — from my confidence to my strength — was leading up to this day to make sure everything went well. I felt important, like I could do something for Pat after all the things he’s done for me, and that was the best part.

Thumbnail: Aaron eats sharks fin soup
Thumbnail: Lobster with garlic and onion course
Thumbnail: Salt and pepper shrimp course
Thumbnail: Deep friend chicken course

Dinner was a gluttonous Chinese nine-course meal spread out over four hours, the order as follows:

  1. Roast duck, roast pork
  2. Deep fried crab claws
  3. Shark fin soup with Chinese red vinegar on the side
  4. Lobster with ginger & onions
  5. Salt & pepper shrimp
  6. Steamed sea bass
  7. Deep fried chicken
  8. Shitake mushrooms and baby bok choy
  9. Yeung Chow fried rice and e-fu noodles

Unfortunately, Jason and I were too busy to eat, but we got a taste of each dish. It worked out when we had room for dessert, which was a gorging of rich sweets.

Thumbnail: To the floor
Thumbnail: Pat blindfolded
Thumbnail: Pat feels Jen
Thumbnail: Pat on his knees

There were three games; this one had Pat looking for pins on Jen’s dress while he was blindfolded. Even Pat’s mom suggested putting a pin in a provocative spot, and Pat told us he thought she was trying to get them to have kids.

Thumbnail: The cake feint
Thumbnail: Pat gets cake in the face
Thumbnail: Trading cake

There were also a few unexpected surprises, even though I was involved in the planning of the wedding. Countertenor D. Kai Ma sang an opera for us, a capella, in an extremely controlled falsetto at the end of the speeches. Also, Pat and Jen did a medley for the first dance, starting out with a formal Latin dance, into robotics to Daft Punk’s Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger, then break dancing.

There were a couple breaks in the night where I could sit and relax before running off to get the next part going.


The wedding favors — miniature dim sum steamers filled with candy — included a five dollar gift certificate to the casino that night, so after everything was squared away and the guests went their separate ways, the wedding party went to the casino.

I’ve never gambled in my life and offered to give Pat my money, citing my poor luck lately, but he refused to accept it. Katie and I pooled our money together to bet on the horse races, and along with the ones with decent odds, she kept betting on a horse called “A Girl To Remember”. We stopped as soon as we were up, by two dollars no less, split the money, and shook hands. Pat proved me wrong.

It was around three when we went home, exhausted from ceremonies, pictures, and a lack of sleep.

Post-wedding Party

Thumbnail: Chinese roast duck, soy chicken, barbecue pork, porkchops, sausages, and greek salad with rice
Thumbnail: Around the table
Thumbnail: Alex concentrates on his chess game
Thumbnail: Jen takes chess piece
Thumbnail: Sophia
Thumbnail: Jellybean cheers
Thumbnail: Amy tries Jellybean
Thumbnail: Pat spits out his jellybean
Thumbnail: Pat and Jen sing
Thumbnail: Opening wedding presents
Thumbnail: Paper cranes on wrapping paper
Thumbnail: Pat's George Foreman impression
Thumbnail: Cranes on card

The next day, Pat and Jen had us over for a post-wedding party, a gathering to finish off the leftovers from the rehearsal. Even more food was brought over, including fork-roasted barbecue pork, soy sauce chicken, and duck, and I think they ended up with more leftovers than they started with.

Thumbnail: Pat getting into the wedding dress
Thumbnail: Pat getting comfortable
Thumbnail: Pat pads his bra
Thumbnail: Pat gets dragged downstairs
Thumbnail: Pat gets paraded in his dress

Jen wanted Pat to put on the wedding dress, which he agreed to do if the eight “kids” would sing on Karaoke Revolution. I don’t think he expected us to call his bluff, because he ran away when the last duet finished singing. When we finally got him in the dress, Jen and Amy had to drag him downstairs to face the parents.

A Great Group of People

The wedding party was a very unique group. I relate to Jen in finding it very difficult to make friends. We’re both extremely picky people, and perhaps this is why I got along with hers so well. She describes her friends as generous, but what stands out to me is also how polite and friendly they are. You can judge a person by their friends, and it’s a perfect reflection of both Pat and Jen.


  1. Great pictures!!! I like your blog entry too. I had a great time while I was in Ottawa, and I had so much fun hanging out with everyone again and meeting all the new people. Now you guys have to come out and visit me :D Btw, I have no idea why you guys volunteered to piggy-back us back to the limo…

    Also I wouldn’t say you and Jen are picky… just have high standards. ;)

  2. The wedding was, by far, the best one I’ve ever been to. I’ve come to realize that the people make all the difference. We definitely need to head down there to see you guys (and as an excuse for me to get more picture-taking in).

    And high standards is a better way of putting it. :)

  3. Looks like an awesome time man, great photos too. The setup you have here on your site for images and text is quite excellent.

  4. Thanks, Mike! It took me a while to get everything just right. This is the eighth revision of the site, and it’s only now that I feel satisfied with it.

  5. Yeah I was going to say, I like the way you customized wordpress. Right now I’m just using someone else’s template :p

    How far are you in FFXII? I really enjoyed it… although I finished it like a month after it came out so that was awhile ago.

  6. I thought your site was “Coming soon”. Do you have a blog hosted by There are a bunch of awesome templates out there, but nothing that fit exactly what I was trying to present, so I made my own.

    A month?! Pat gave it to me in March, and I’m only at the Second Ascent in the Pharos. Just passed the 100 hour mark too, though I played more than that just resetting the game to get stuff like get the Zodiac Eschuteon. Did you rush through it, or did you do every side-quest/mark?

  7. Yeah, about the coming soon part… I don’t think it’s coming lol. I’m too lazy to learn enough about Dreamweaver to get a front page started. I want it really simple. Are templates hard to make? I just put up my blog since I put up the gallery, I figured it’s a small step toward eventually having a web site. I used to have one at when I first moved out here. It’s still there, just not updated.

    I’ve had so many blogs over the last few years, including an online journal when I had my first web site up. Hopefully I’ll just keep this one from now on.

    Oh and I’m the type to zip through the game. Pssh, side quests. I don’t have enough time for that! It still took me like 67 hours to complete the game though. I cheat and use the guide so I didn’t mess up with the Zodiac. It’s stupid though eh? The requirements I mean, the weapon is sweet. I like Balthier, he’s sexy.

  8. Templates aren’t hard to make if you know PHP and CSS, which are what WordPress is based on. The hardest part I find is writing CSS, so simple layouts are fairly easy. I did the whole multi-blog, “new beginning” thing too, but eventually tried to stick with one. I’ll have to add your blog to my daily blogroll…none of my friends blog, and it’s always nice to read about people whom I’ve actually met!

  9. Gorgeous wedding reception and looks so much fun all around….. & Those tiny dim sum steamers! Adorable. Damn. Now I’m hungry for all that stuff…

  10. That’s the problem with Chinese food pictures. You’re always hungry after you look at them.

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