Still Human

Crank it. Loud, and maybe you’ll under­stand how I feel.

I’ve been in such a slump the last week. Maybe I’m over-worked, over-tired, and over-stressed. Things haven’t been going my way.

It’s filled me with such frus­tra­tion, sad­ness, and anger.

Now I’m left to face the ugly world alone, and all I can think is to nev­er put your trust in some­one. Never be depen­dent, nev­er expect any­thing from any­one because you’ll only get hurt.

Pick your­self up, cause no one’s going to help you.

I try to ratio­nal­ize every­thing and fol­low the Tao, but I can’t. Everything is so over­whelm­ing.

As much as I’ve learned, as much wis­dom as I’ve gained, as far as I’ve come, I’m still human.


  1. DUDE I KNOW HOW YOU FEEL i get that way once and a while too but you need to real­ize that you have frinds to face the world friends to trust and friends who want ur depen­dence shure some days u may seem alone but most of us is a short dri­ve away or even a phonecall away
    dose not the tao say thoughts weeken the mind disires with­er the HEART? and a mas­ter observes the world but trusts his inner vision you need to do that man trust in ursellf trust in ur vision allow things to come and go and once again u will find ur flow and the rest will sor­ta just fall into place you all­ways have friends to help you care for you and in some cas­es help you find the path (thow my direc­tions have been known to be off) ;)

  2. i know u were prob­ly talk­ing of romance but thats my 2 cents

  3. I was­n’t talk­ing about romance, but it’s inter­est­ing that that’s what you thought. I guess it’s such a com­mon top­ic for me, that it’s assumed to be my sub­ject when writ­ing equiv­o­cal­ly.

    I’m blown away by how much you know about Taoism. I’m try­ing to fol­low the Way and put aside my thoughts, but I can’t right now. I’m not strong enough to do it alone, and the one per­son I was count­ing on to help me has aban­doned me. My inner vision is cloud­ed, blind­ed by anger.

    I know this isn’t going to last for­ev­er, I know that noth­ing is sig­nif­i­cant, but I can’t let go right now. I can’t for­get how hurt I am.

  4. what hap­pend to lose the path this aban­don­ment and hate was left by ur mas­ter ?

  5. What do you mean, Rob? Can you be a lit­tle clear­er?

  6. what made u feel this way alone no one to tun to did u lose some­one who used to guide u cuz a sage takes care of all men and aban­dons no one he takes care of all things and abon­dons noth­ing or so ive red so far

  7. I feel like some­one pulled the rug out from under me. Someone I thought I could lean on did­n’t stand up straight when I need­ed it the most.

  8. What IS it with September 3rd this year???
    One of my best friends was com­plete­ly sab­o­taged in just the way you describe after a long healthy rela­tion­ship with them… inex­plic­a­ble shit hap­pen­ing.

    You’re def­i­nite­ly not alone.

  9. It was a few days before September 3rd, actu­al­ly.

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