Summer Housemate

Thumbnail: Sleepy Bronwen

This is what I wake up to every day.

What I enclose in arm and leg at night, or press my back against when I roll over.

They say it takes weeks to get used to sleep­ing with some­one (or with­out some­one, when the rela­tion­ship is over), but for me, the tran­si­tion is seam­less. All it took was an extra pil­low, and some space accom­mo­da­tion for two stuffed ani­mals, and a braid­ed shred of old blankie.

Every day, I wake up between two and five in the morn­ing. It’s an afflic­tion I’ve had for years, some­thing that would­n’t be so bad if I could fall asleep again, but my mind always races, keep­ing me up for anoth­er hour or two. When she’s next to me though, my thoughts remains calm.

This body keeps me warm, rest­ed, and paci­fied.

So what will I do when she’s gone?


  1. I don’t want to think about it.

  2. You are a lucky man, Jeff. And she a lucky woman. What will you do when she’s gone? You seem to know your­self. You know the answer to that with­out know­ing.

  3. Too late, paul b, if you read entries like this, this, and this in my archives for the last two years, you’d know that I’m already try­ing to quit.

    By the way, your band sucks.

  4. Thanks, Winston. I enjoy the equiv­o­cal­i­ty of your com­ment, heh.

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