Just One Thing

It’s been a long week, although it was technically made shorter from the long weekend. Three cancellations in three nights. Nothing’s working out. I left work early yesterday because my eyes stopped functioning. The previous day I’d worked a full 14 hours.

I used to get angry or frustrated at things like this, but now I find myself cold and emotionless, accepting things as the way they are. The advantage is that I’m a much more stable person. It isn’t even any attempt to be stoic, but I’m sick of all the bullshit.

All I want is a break, just one thing to go my way.


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  1. You just described how I feel today to the point and made me cry (but in a good way, a relieved sort of cry, you know).

    The tragic thing about this is that I’m doing very well, and I actually got a few breaks this week, I’m just too anxious and down to notice it.

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