Bancroft ’05, Part 6/6

And so, the weekend had to come to an end. It was great to get away, and refreshing to hang out with some decent people. Adam most of all, who renews my ever waning faith in humanity every time I see him. I had a few songs in mind for the video, but the first song I thought of, and the one I eventually used, is by The Postal Service. Before I started editing, I could only recall the first few bars, but I knew that those notes would be able to perfectly define the feeling I wanted. Funny that it happens to be named There’s Never Enough Time. There are so many things I could say, but the videos say it all.

Thumbnail: Atka in her house
Thumbnail: Cows
Thumbnail: Atka on the roam

One of the best things about the farm is that it’s a farm. There are the two large and loyal dogs, Willow and Atka. There’s the chirpy housecat, Femo, who likes to twist and turn her body for one to scratch. There are cows, who can jump really high if frightened.

Thumbnail: Broad side of a barn
Thumbnail: Shotgun shells
Thumbnail: Woodpile
Thumbnail: Snowmobile treads
Thumbnail: Snowmobile tracks

Aside from the animals, there are all other sorts of little things that make the farm rustic and differentiate it from the city life I’m so used to living. It’s not every place that I’ll find random 12-guage shotgun shells on a cabinet, or piles of firewood that are bigger than my house. It really makes me feel like I’m away; away from computers, school, work, or traffic.

Thumbnail: Eric's flask

I’ll end off with a shot of the inscription on Eric’s flask.

Here’s to them.

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