Bancroft '05, Part 6/6

And so, the week­end had to come to an end. It was great to get away, and refresh­ing to hang out with some decent peo­ple. Adam most of all, who renews my ever wan­ing faith in human­ity every time I see him. I had a few songs in mind for the video, but the first song I thought of, and the one I even­tu­ally used, is by The Postal Service. Before I started edit­ing, I could only recall the first few bars, but I knew that those notes would be able to per­fectly define the feel­ing I wanted. Funny that it hap­pens to be named There’s Never Enough Time. There are so many things I could say, but the videos say it all.

Thumbnail: Atka in her house
Thumbnail: Cows
Thumbnail: Atka on the roam

One of the best things about the farm is that it’s a farm. There are the two large and loyal dogs, Willow and Atka. There’s the chirpy house­cat, Femo, who likes to twist and turn her body for one to scratch. There are cows, who can jump really high if frightened.

Thumbnail: Broad side of a barn
Thumbnail: Shotgun shells
Thumbnail: Woodpile
Thumbnail: Snowmobile treads
Thumbnail: Snowmobile tracks

Aside from the ani­mals, there are all other sorts of lit­tle things that make the farm rus­tic and dif­fer­en­ti­ate it from the city life I’m so used to liv­ing. It’s not every place that I’ll find ran­dom 12-guage shot­gun shells on a cab­i­net, or piles of fire­wood that are big­ger than my house. It really makes me feel like I’m away; away from com­put­ers, school, work, or traffic.

Thumbnail: Eric's flask

I’ll end off with a shot of the inscrip­tion on Eric’s flask.

Here’s to them.

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