Bancroft '05, Part 2/6

There were three main crews vaca­tion­ing at the farm that week­end. The Ottawa crew con­sist­ed of Trolley, Aaron, and I. In the Toronto crew was Adam, Efrem, Lyda, and Jim. The main group, the ones orig­i­nal­ly from Bancroft, were Tyler with Meryl, Eric, Sarah, Matt, and Kate, although Trolley and Adam would also be con­sid­ered mem­bers, and brought their respec­tive crews. Of course, even Trolley’s cousins showed up, as they always do, since they’re only a short snow­mo­bile ride away.

It took a few hours for every­one to arrive, since peo­ple were up to five hours away, so time was spent The Streets lis­ten­ing, card play­ing, and alco­hol induc­ing while wait­ing. When Eric walked in and said, “WOAH”, Aaron and I com­plete­ly stopped what we were doing and looked at each oth­er. It was obvi­ous that Eric was loaded already, because he’s rarely so bois­ter­ous.

Thumbnail: Snifter of Baileys

And Sarah’s brown cow filled the snifter when she start­ed.

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